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The U.P and eBay Green Team join forces


A message to our supporters and fellow vintage lovers.
We’ve been shopping eBay for years – it is heaven to collectors like us, full of oddities, antiques, cult classics, and kitsch alike. Eliza has a bizarre collection of Victorian mourning lockets containing actual locks of hair, and for years Sheena has fed her fervor for lace doily collars that only your great grandmother would understand. eBay is where our obsessions and quarks of personal style manifest in bizarre knick-knacks and baubles, all while allowing us to stay true to the ethics of recycling. To add to their mission of continual reuse and recirculation, they now have a fast growing network of employees who make up the eBay Green Team, a core initiative that is using the eBay platform to encourage more environmentally conscious ways of shopping.
 So when the eBay Green Team contacted us and told us they wanted to help us boost our fundraiser for Akanksha, we were more than tickled. They proposed an amazingly generous initiative: From October 7th to October 19th, for every person who joins their community of green shoppers, sellers, and collectors–people who celebrate repurposing goods– eBay will donate a dollar to The Uniform Project’s fundraiser for Akanksha. On top of that, just for joining the eBay Green Team community and helping us raise money for our cause, they will enter every new member in a drawing to win $5,000 to spend at eBay’s infinite vintage and antiques reservoir. Could there be a more exciting way to celebrate the kinship of sustainable shopping and philanthropy online? And we wonder, how many ‘vintage bakelite bangles’ could someone get with that? As our minds dance around with fiendish delight, we pause to appreciate this initiative’s brilliance!
 So today, we ask you, our friendly supporters and fellow bargain-hunting-antique-junkies, to pledge to shop green on eBay by joining the eBay Green Team.  Again, joining up will help us raise more funds for Akanksha and you’ll become part of a community of conscientious shoppers that are shaping and sharing new consumer habits. And as if that wasn’t enough, you could also win $5000 to give your own wardrobe a vintage makeover that would make Vivienne Westwood proud.
 So help us out and Join the eBay Green Team Today >