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10.13.2010 LA Times  “Wearing little black dresses for charity” 09.07.2010 JUXTAPOSE  “Fashion Link List” 08.14.2010 Jezebel  “Dress Code: When You’re Sick Of All Your Clothes” 08.13.2010 Teen Vogue  “Q&A with founder Sheena Matheiken” 06.16.2010 The Huffington Post  “John Waters on Fashion” 06.05.2010 NBC Thread|NY  “The Uniform Project’s Expert Accessorizer Takes Us…” 05.18.2010 CNN Living  “How to wear one dress for 365 days” 04.29.2010 AOL StyleList  “How to Wear the Same Dress for an Entire Year” 04.22.2010 Glamour  “One Girl, One Dress, 365 Days Later: Catching Up With…” 03.31.2010 Marie Claire  “The Uniform Project Auction” 10.02.2009 Print Magazine  “Obsessions for October 2, 2009” 08.26.2009 NEED Magazine  “Fashion With A Heart” 08.18.2009 NY Daily News  “Greenpoint ad agency art director raises money for…” 08.17.2009 Yahoo! Green  “Style with substance: Q&A with the founder…” 08.14.2009 Houston Chronicle  “One dress, five days” 07.30.2009 TLC  “Could You Wear the Same Dress for a Year?” 07.09.2009 The New York Times Magazine  “This Year’s Model” 07.03.2009 Daily Candy  “Same as it ever was” 07.02.2009  “Interview with Sheena Matheiken of The Uniform Project” 07.02.2009 PBS News Hour  “The 1-Dress Sustainability Solution” 06.26.2009 The Globe and Mail  “The uniform project” 06.19.2009 Glamour  “One Girl, One Dress, One Year: Get To Know The Uniform Project” 06.17.2009 Flavorwire  “One Dress, 365 Days: An Interview with The Uniform Project’s…” 06.15.2009 BlackBook  “Eco-friendly fashion like you’ve never seen it…” 06.11.2009 The Huffington Post  “NYC Designer Wears Uniform For A Year To Raise…” 06.11.2009 NBC Washington  “1 Dress + 365 Days = The Uniform Project”


10.22.2010 Indie Fixx  “Stylish, Sustainable, Socially Conscious” 10.15.2010 Eco Fashion World  “ISIS SALAM U.P’S MS.OCTOBER” 10.10.2010 Treehugger  “Bust a move in Uniform Project’s Versatile LBD” 10.06.2010 Refinery29  “4 Fashion Experiments We Can Get Behind” 09.16.2010 Venus Zine  “Blogger Spotlight: Lesley Arfin for The Uniform Project” 08.02.2010 PSFK  “An Update on The Uniform Project” 07.29.2010 PSFK  “A New Dress From The Creator Of The Uniform Project” 06.11.2010 Do the Green Thing  “The Uniform Project, year 2” 04.26.2010 Holy Kaw!  “365 days, One dress, $75,422 raised” 04.22.2010 Racked  “#theuniformproject” 03.30.2010 TreeHugger  “The Most Sustainable Dress on the Market?” 03.29.2010 Ecouterre  “Express Yourself with the Uniform Project’s LBD (only 365 made!)” 03.29.2010 ModCloth  “Celebrating Women’s History Month With The Uniform Project” 03.16.2010 ReadyMade  “In Search of the Perfect Spring ‘Uniform’” 03.08.2010  “Sustainable fashion challange: One dress for 365 days?!” 12.23.2009 TreeHugger  “12 One-Year Personal Stunts We Can’t Stop Talking About” 12.19.2009 DonationPay  “The Uniform Project” 12.15.2009 Etsy  “Accessorize This: The Uniform Project” 10.07.2009 NOTCOT  “#4498” 07.19.2009 Poppytalk  “The Uniform Project” 07.10.2009 PSFK  “NYC Woman to Wear Same Dress for a Year” 06.25.2009 Jezebel  “Uniform Project: Stunt fashion or fashionable service?” 06.18.2009 The Fader  “Sheena Matheiken’s Uniform Project” 06.15.2009 GOOD Magazine  “A dress for all seasons” 06.10.2009  “The Uniform Project” 06.09.2009  “Collections for Charity”