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All your questions answered.

1. Who is behind the Uniform Project?
The people behind the Uniform Project are – Sheena Matheiken, founder and creative director, Eliza Starbuck, dress designer, Jessica Engle, writer and digital strategist, Blue Thomas, technologist, and Lou Sagar, business advisor. These people trickled into the project at different points along Sheena’s creative challenge and all bring unique skills and points of view to the mission. They’ve each been pivotal to the success of Year 1.
2. Are you going to sell the dress?
Yes. We’re looking into finding the right organic fabric and an affordable manufacturer who aligns with our sustainability mission. When the dresses are in market, it will be announced through the U.P site, twitter, facebook and via our email list.
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3. What will you do with all the accessories you have accumulated?
We will be holding an accessories auction towards the close of the project, the proceeds of which will also go towards the Akanksha fund. The auction will be announced through the U.P site, twitter, facebook and via our email list. Sign up for email updates >
4. Are the monetary donations tax deductible?
If you’d like to make a large sum donation and wish to get tax exemptions, we can arrange for a direct donation to Akanksha. To make this happen just drop us an email us at hello@theuniformproject.com
5. I have accessories I want to donate. How do I go about it?
Email us via the ‘Donate Accessories’ section in the top menu. Please be sure to send pictures or a link so we can take a look. Due to Sheena’s limited closet space, we won’t be able to accept all donations but we try our best to accommodate as many offers as possible. We encourage items that are pre-owned, used, vintage, home-spun, eco-friendly or crafted by you or another local artist.
NOTE! We currently have no more room for jewelry donations. Sheena is currently looking for winter layering garments such as sweaters, scarves, hats, vests, blouses, belts, pants and shoes.
6. How do I donate to your cause?
Click on the ‘MAKE A DONATION‘ button to the left, or click on the ‘Donate to the Cause‘ link in the top menu. Paypal guarantees a safe and secure transaction and we keep your contact information private and protected.
7. Are you trying to raise money through other avenues other than the website?
We hold occassional Uniform Project fundraiser events in New York City, where we are based. But the primary channel for this fundraiser will be donations made by the public through this website. We are also looking into acquiring sponsors and investors to support our mission and boost our fundraiser. If you or your company is interested in supporting the Uniform Project, please email us.
8. How did you learn about Akanksha? Where can I learn more?
A friend of Sheena’s in Mumbai who had volunteered at Akanksha introduced her to the foundation last year. Sheena met the founder of Akanksha, Shaheen Mistri, at a fundraiser event last winter and learned more about the revolutionary educational work they do with children living in Indian slums. She then proposed the Uniform Project as a fundraising idea and they were amused and offered up all support. If you would like to get directly involved with Akanksha, visit www.akanksha.org
9. What’s the little black gadget in Sheena’s hand in all the pictures?
That’s a wireless remote she shoots the dailies with.
10. Do you wear the dress all day long or just for the shoot?
Sheena wears them all day long, to work and to play. Occasionally some of the layers may come off during the course of the day. But the dress is always on, all day, everyday.


Dawn says:
Hi, I am looking to do this as a fun experiment to get me back into fashion (over the course of my pregnancy I simply wore the exact same thing day after day and never made it look different. I like the simplicity of having a uniform but need to relearn how to switch it up). I am much larger however and was wondering what you thought about when it came to designing the dress to be so versatile. I'm going to design my own so this would be a great help. Thanks for all you do!
2010-09-23 02:56:35
Rebecca says:
Congratulations to everyone involved on the fundraising- brilliant idea, inspirational execution. Education is incredibly important, and it's wonderful to see fashion, which is so often (and not always undeservedly) derided as a purely shallow and consumptive domain, used to benefit children in such an innovative manner. It is a crime if no detergent companies have approached you about making a commercial about the Uniform Project in exchange for a corporate donation to Akanksha. Watching the slideshow on the site, I couldn't get over how easily it fit into the "how to keep your little black dress(es) black" mold. If the idea isn't floating around, it should be- because that commercial would be awesome.
2010-06-22 01:18:10
Kristers says:
Love Love LOVED the 'year of the dress' movie which sparked an idea. For those of us [meaning me] who are tragically fashion impaired, would you consider making a small photo album of the dress available? It would save me so much time downloading your pictures and creating one of my own. I would keep in in my closet and use it as a daily inspiration rather than put on something 'safe'. Thank you for all that you do. Your site is truly an inspiration.
2010-04-21 17:59:43
saffronskye says:
Another follower (UK) who would love to be able to purchase the pattern.
2010-03-27 13:49:31
JK Kwon says:
hello. I sent you an email but I didn't receive an answer yet. Could you check your email? Please write to me soon.
2010-03-12 12:33:11
JK Kwon says:
hello. I live in Korea. Your idea is great! I'm very impressed. Well.. Can I talk about the Project? If I send you email, can you answer my question? Where should I send email? I have many question. Please answer my question :)
2010-03-10 02:00:53
Bazza says:
I can't believe this site has eluded me for so long. I most admire the ambition. You are covering so many grounds at once. At times when I get the idea for similar projects I become too overwhelmed by the creative process and possibilities - the constant storm of ideas - that I lose sight of what I'm trying to do. I really admire how seamlessly you've made it all seem - right down to the wonderfully concise writing and clean design of the site. I can totally see where you're coming from, immediately get it, and want to be a part of it somehow. I plan to make a donation in the near future but I'd also like to take the discovery of your site away with me and see if I can come up with something better. I am inspired in so many ways, at the very least with regard to re-purposing some of my own pieces. This is the best site I have seen in years. It really speaks to me. Thank you!
2010-02-12 16:45:47
The Uniform Project says:
[...] You can follow her Sheena’s blog here. And you can read all questions in relation to donations, the clothes and the project itself on her FAQ section. [...]
2009-12-09 05:31:25
See Bee says:
when did you start this project? I am very impressed with your commitment - wearing it all day everyday. Has there ever been a special instance when you could not wear the dress?
2009-12-02 11:26:04
Carol says:
What a great idea! Was already wondering how I can get the dress. Am looking forward to buying it soon when it's available!So keep me posted!!!
2009-11-08 07:49:27
sharona says:
Is the dress machine-washable?
2009-11-06 16:12:03
Megan says:
Absolutely love it. Would love a dress of my own and will make sure to check back to find out when it's available. I know you said that accessories will be sold at auction--does this include the other clothes? Also, how often do you reuse items? It would be nice to show people that you can be incredibly creative without an unlimited supply of accessories, belts, hats, stockings, etc at your disposal. I know you're sourcing them from great places, but not everyone can do that, or there wouldn't be anything left on eBay! Can you do a week of reusing the same 10 things in order to encourage people not to buy more stuff?
2009-10-24 14:53:44
seb says:
I love this whole project and it is so inspiring. The brown dress project says on the first page it was a project against fashion, this project is about sustainability in fashion. There have been other projects similar but I think this is a completely different project. Plus the publicity is clearly something they have worked hard to get to help raise money. I think it is a great cause you are supporting.
2009-10-17 13:03:39
James says:
Great idea, and good for you for using it to benefit children in need. One thing that puzzles me about the execution, though, is that you reportedly have 7 of these dresses- "one for every day of the week." I am not sure how that practice would rate as 'sustainable,' as it could result in producing and owning just as many garments as if you simply had 7 different dresses, particularly when you add in all the accessories that must be accumulated to accompany the dress. Wouldn't it be more sustainable to have 2 of the dresses, and just wash the spare in the downtime?
2009-09-26 21:14:59
Aleigha says:
This is a brilliant idea! Please let me know when this dress is available to buy!
2009-09-26 15:20:12
mimi mottet says:
Great idea! I love it!! Anyway this dress can be done in something besides Black, (like grey, navy, red or camel??) I have white cats in the house!! Also, something with a stretch to it? This would be a great style for Target to carry. Also, what about getting a pattern made and selling it to Simplicty/Vogue or McCalls?
2009-09-26 12:23:40
Sarac says:
You are aware this has already been done before... maybe you should give some probs to the lady who did it first, without getting all the publicity you are getting... http://www.littlebrowndress.com/brown%20dress%20archive%20home.htm She MADE her dress...:)
2009-09-26 11:24:01
footnotegirl says:
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes on having this dress also in plus sizes, a whole range of sizes for all. Also consider marketing the pattern for people who can sew (believe me, those of us who cannot will still buy the dress!).
2009-09-25 21:30:59
bambi says:
It's great that you are planning on selling the dress. However, it would be even greater to give people an opportunity to make the dress for themselves. Instructions, please?
2009-09-25 09:41:47
Shilpa says:
What a great and innovative way to fundraise for a great cause. And yeah to Sheena for showing us how stylish desi women are! I want that dress. I want that dress!
2009-09-23 18:15:27
Valencia Gary says:
I hope the dress will be available in larger sizes
2009-09-18 16:59:42
emily says:
you should make and sell a calendar
2009-09-18 14:59:45
Shay says:
Following your website has been a bite of visual pleasure every day! Hats off to your great idea and great sense of style. Please let me know when the dress is available for sale (I don't Facebook or Twitter either). And I too would love to see a similar project pulled off by a somewhat older, less svelte woman.
2009-09-18 12:18:02
Sara says:
Hello, I've been following your site for quite some time and I was excited to see Sheena while I was at brunch one morning in Greenpoint. :-) I'm so glad you will be selling the dress. Have you considered selling the pattern as well, so diy types can make their own versions? Thank you!
2009-09-16 16:28:47
Sweet Machine says:
I echo the request for plus size options for The Dress. I can't wait to see it!
2009-09-13 14:09:43
Bronwyn says:
Please make sure you have arrangements in place to ship overseas when you make the dress available.
2009-09-13 09:33:12
nadia says:
the dress will be in stores? AWESOME! I thought you guys were putting up a sewing pattern?
2009-09-12 19:59:17
Wendie says:
Agree with Deanna b/c I don't do Facebook or Twitter, but I definitely want to participate in the auction for some of the accessories!
2009-09-09 21:04:34
Deanna says:
Are you starting a list to keep for names for the dress when you have it available for sale? And for the auction as well, especially for those who don't facebook or twitter.
2009-09-07 12:01:17
April says:
I just found your website and I love it! Creativity + sustainability = perfection! Have you considered allowing others to join in by wearing their own dress for 365 days? I would love an excuse to simplify my wardrobe, get creative and raise funds for a good cause! Either way - I will be following along!
2009-09-07 10:42:07
Jackie says:
I hope you'll be making it in a way smaller size too, like maybe kids size, or a double zero :)
2009-09-06 14:26:20
Pretty Project says:
WHAT A GREAT IDEA! So cool that you tied a cause to your wonderful idea! http://theprettyproject.com
2009-09-06 11:15:59
Gerri says:
What about doing a similar series for the older woman--say someone who is near social security age?
2009-09-01 14:12:16
Sue says:
If you don't know about Brooklyntweed, a creative knitter with a blog by that name, you should take a look with winter coming on. I'd love to see a collaboration there!
2009-09-01 14:05:28
Karen says:
I hope you'll consider making it in a plus-size as well, at least through a 20 (US).
2009-08-31 22:22:29
Adeline says:
My thoughts exactly. I really want that dress badly! :]
2009-08-30 03:56:08
annie says:
Yay...so glad the dress will be available for retail....THANK YOU!
2009-08-28 22:51:14