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The U.P Holiday Drive

Sometimes it’s like we’re living in a fairy tale.
We’ve been blessed by the eBay Green Team again with some amazing new superpowers, allowing us to turn every dollar we raise into an additional dollar during this holiday season (or at least until we reach a $15,000 cap). So with our newly vested super-strength, we, the U.P take a Superheroine oath and pledge to use our new power in the fight for good, justice, and the education of youth in need.

Our story with eBay began way back in October, when in just two weeks the eBay Green Team campaign helped us raise $12,160 for the kids of Akanksha. And now, in true seasonal fashion, eBay is once again radiating in the spirit of giving, by matching all the funds we raise during the holiday month of December.* Talk about a great gift! We intend to do everything we can to make this holiday season our most successful fundraising month yet. So hold tight, watch the dailies get more festive and fierce by the day and stay tuned for more goodies coming your way.
Whether you are a longstanding follower of the U.P or one of our new friends who’s just recently been thinking of donating, no time is better than now. You too can exercise some super-heroics, turning every dollar into two with the mere click of a button. What better opportunity to boost your gesture of kindness?
So help us spread word of our December holiday mission, help by donating yourselves and help to give a gift this season that will have a lasting impact on some very deserving children’s lives. Happy Holidays!
*eBay will match all donations up to $15,000
And if you haven’t already,  join the eBay Green Team >


The Uniform Project « WhatGives!? says:
[...] Sheena thinks not and the eBay Green Team agree.  Saluting this simple choice of less, they’re matching every dollar donated in December up to $15,000.  Director of eBay’s Green Team, Amy Skoczlas-Cole, explained that [...]
2009-12-22 02:40:39
[...] CHRISTMAS TIME, A TIME FOR GIVING.. December 20, 2009 Our little friends at the Uniform Project just struck a savage deal with the eBay Green Team – they are gonna match your donations to the U.P dollar for dollar. You give, the kids get. Nice. Check it here. [...]
2009-12-20 13:21:06
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2009-12-14 18:20:01
admin says:
Nizabutka, email us at hello@theuniformproject.com for alternative ways to pay. Thanks for writing to us!
2009-12-02 19:10:24
nizabutka says:
Is it possible to donate through Webmoney? what currency is appropriate? By the way my country - Belarus - isn't even in the list of PayPal.
2009-12-02 03:18:43