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U.P.F.W Day 5: H Fredriksson

Another friend to the U.P, Helena Fredriksson’s ingenious pebble wrap necklace is one of our favorite staples. Hailing from Sweden, Helena heads the H Fredriksson label — modern, artistic and sustainably conscious, it’s inspired by the dark psychology of Bergman films and contemporary European painting. As you could probably guess, we’re terribly fond of its melancholic beauty.
The balance between tailored garments and over-sized, loosely draped pieces, the sense of past and present, mixing traditional craft with the future of new sustainable fabric technologies marked in the mindful fabric choices of the collection, Helena clearly has a talent for juxtaposing the old with the new. Furthermore, being based in Brooklyn she is also combining geographies into her work, seamlessly blending the Scandinavian aesthetics of her upbringing with the multi-cultured reality of living in New York City. Add to that her active collaboration in dance, art, installation and performance projects for the past ten years and it’s a clear connection how her art background, via her photography or drawing, distinctly inspires her fabric prints in the collections. And the fact the Helena’s doing it as consciously as possible with all garments manufactured locally in New York City, using only sustainable fabrics and production methods, and what’s not to love?!
When going back to visit Sweden, Helena usually ends up flying over Greenland’s breathtaking glaciers. She always carry a camera, a habit from her days of being a photography student, and mesmerized by the magical patterns and shapes the glaciers form, she sits with the lens tight on the sill, snapping to capture the unfolding visions… That’s the idea and imagery that is the basis of the glacier print Pleat dress that is featured on U.P today.
See more from Helena at www.hfredriksson.com