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U.P.F.W Day 4: Scully

Another long-standing supporter of U.P, Scully is currently writing her Master’s thesis titled ‘Approaching Color, A New Curriculum’ at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute. While working in the fashion industry, Scully was taken aback by a waste category that was either being ignored or overlooked. The waste in question was all material that was discarded due to indecisiveness of designers whom regularly failed to foresee their color palettes accurately. She attributes this production flaw (and environmentally unsound practice) to a severe lack of understanding of color. So, as a corrective, Scully has used her thesis to formulate a curriculum that will teach designers how to tackle and embrace color, in hope of eliminating heaps of unnecessary waste — a perfect subject for someone already in love with the magic of colors.
A natural recycler, Scully takes on inspiration from all parts of her life. The skirt featured here is vintage Scully, which she says was just dying to get a breath of fresh air from her closet, and is a locally made one-off design from over a decade ago. The scarf, made especially for U.P.F.W was created in the workroom of Koos Van Den Akker out of the many scraps Koos had lying around. Citing Derick Melander’s criticism of the amount of textile waste produced every five minutes in New York, Scully can’t help but calculate the environmental impact of all her creations. So for this scarf, she made sure to point out that she saved about 1/2 pound, because every little bit counts! The patterns are ones that Koos uses regularly for all of his collections, and the shape is in the same vein as the Mobius strip scarf that Scully made last year for U.P. Thank you Koos for the lovely scraps and thanks Scully for continually showering us with items of such beauty. Other Scully pieces on the Uniform Project include a maxi hoop skirt made from reclaimed fabric and steel wool piping featured on Sept 07, a safe and sustainable bikerware helmet & gloves for the fashionable cyclist featured on our Tour De France daily, and the Duct Tape Tank featured on July 21st.
Visit Scully at www.scullynewyork.com


Wendie says:
LOVE Scully's fashions! So glamorous! and green
2010-02-15 22:19:53