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U.P.F.W Day 1 : STUDY NY

Tara St. James first wrote to us early last summer. And ever since our first meeting, Tara has been a steadfast supporter and good friend of the U.P. And over these past months our fondness and admiration of her talent is like that proverbial beanstalk that just grows and grows and grows. Study NY, Tara’s label, takes a no-waste approach to fashion whereby every bit of a fabric is put to use in some form. She creates with no-cut or no-wastage techniques using only re-purposed, reclaimed or organic fabrics resulting in some breathtaking garments. See a recent post from tara’s blog for more perspective on her thinking and process.
We asked Tara to write a little blurb for our feature here and of course she came back with something that kept that beanstalk rising. Here’s a little cartoon strip that captures the brains, wit and creativity behind Study NY. And special shout out to Jesse for the uncanny portraits. ; – )
For more from Tara and STUDY NY, visit 4equalsides.com
You can also find STUDY creations at notjustalabel.com/study_ny


Sarah says:
What an amazing concept! I've tried for many years to use every piece of my fabric that I make into clothing or quilts ... most times my braided rug just gets wider! Rock on!!
2010-02-24 13:19:29
Tara says:
He's even more of a hunk in real life! And he'll be my first customer when I come out with a menswear line (I hope).
2010-02-13 15:01:08
Wendie says:
But is Jesse really as much of a hunk as he makes himself out to be?! :-) And does he wear your fashions?
2010-02-12 20:33:45
riley says:
Great clothes & concepts - and the cutest introduction, ever! Wouldn't life be so much cooler if it could all be storyboarded by Jesse?
2010-02-12 17:43:32
The Square Project » NYFW UP says:
[...] honoured and excited to be featured by them, and even more excited about the profile that my very talented boyfriend drew for me for the post.  See more of his work here. comments [...]
2010-02-12 17:33:25