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It all started at our Fashion Week Party at International Playground. A group of fabulously accessorized girls showed up and were the life of the party. After some scouting, we discovered they made they were jewelry designers themselves and wanted to hold a fundraiser sale to support the U.P!
the debut
From the right: Minnie Hutchins, Lily McInerny, Carley Watmann, Selma Lundstrom, and Nova Stoller
So, on a rather blustery Saturday afternoon, Blue and I headed to the Harvest Festival at City and Country, a private school here in NYC. By the time we arrived, the U.P accessory table was totally empty. Looking around, we noticed all of the handmade pieces now adorned the heads, shoulders, and necks of just about every lady at the event. They also made Isis a rather avant garde head piece to go with her LBD which she’s wearing today: Day 26: Colour me crazy! >
ravaged accessories
The girls ended up raising $120 for One Laptop Per Child, Isis’ cause for the month of October. Sheena was in Singapore at the Qi Global Conference, but got back in time to swing by the school and meet the lovely and enterprising ladies to chat about what’s next…
what's next?
And it looks like you’ll be seeing a lot more from them in the future, so stay tuned!


Misery Xchord says:
Fantastic job, girls! Looking forward to seeing more. :)
2010-10-28 20:10:54
Carley says:
Hey!! Im in all 3 of those pictures! I LOVE the uniform project!
2010-10-28 17:52:29