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The U.P gets all made-up

We’ve had an amazing influx of designer donations lately. There’s one in particular we want to share with you.
Afterglow Cosmetics, an organic line of make-up created by Kristin Adams, has just reached out to The UP and we’re thrilled. Kristin had been creating make-up from  natural and organic by-products for her friends and family for years and in 2004 she decided to share her creations with the public. And Afterglow has been going strong ever since.

Through her vision, and the help of key players like her chemist (aka wicked cool sister), Afterglow now produces awe-inspiring eye shadows, mineral foundation and cruelty-free brushes — to name a few. The difference in the company’s mineral make-up comes from a focused attention to cutting out synthetic preservatives and dyes. Adams’ business card, made out of recycled cardboard, gives a list of ingredients to watch out for in everyday body care products. Simply put we are excited to tell you about such a forward thinking cosmetic line. So imagine our excitement when Afterglow contacted us and offered The Uniform Project our choice of some products as a donation.

The minerals and colors are all magnificently clean as well. Just check out
“21 more reasons to love Afterglow.”

To name a few:
– Made in the USA, exclusively. We like local production.
– Full disclosure of all ingredients. No more hazy morning thoughts of, “What is this I’m putting on my face anyway?”
– Never animal tested. Save the bunnies!
– Not to mention, the company makes minimal packaging and container recycling a top priority.
Now there’s a business model we can stand behind.
Visit the official Afterglow website  www.afterglowcosmetics.com


See Bee says:
ok I just read your faq's...I assume this also includes make-up "We will be holding an accessories auction towards the close of the project, the proceeds of which will also go towards the Akanksha fund. The auction will be announced on the U.P site and also via twitter and facebook announcements."
2009-12-02 11:20:57
See Bee says:
Who uses cosmetics that are donated to the Uniform Project? How does this help the Akanksha foundation?
2009-12-02 11:15:31