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The eBay Green Team Steps U.P

If you’ve followed U.P closely, you may have noticed a couple of sharp spikes in our fundraiser for Akanksha this year. Perhaps you’ve been wondering who the angel donors of the project were? Well, there’s been more than a few incredible contributors over the course of the Project (whom we can never thank enough), but we’d like to take the time now to give a certain donor a major shout out. We’re talking about the eBay Green Team, eBay’s answer to the existential question du jour, “What does it mean to be green?”
You’ve probably heard us talk about the Green Team already. We first partnered with them back in the Fall when they highlighted the U.P during their re+purpose campaign. Then they matched all of our donations over the holidays! And as if that wasn’t enough, they also hosted our grand finale Accessory Auction, going far above and beyond the call of duty by building us our very own U.P designed eBay store, photographing all of the the lovely accessories donated by people like you (a good handful of which originally came from eBay), and taking on the shipping and delivery of all items to the auction winners. Basically, without the help of eBay GT, our auction would have looked a little more like a rinky-dink neighborhood yard sale. The GT did a whole lot of heavy lifting that we (as a wee bity team) greatly appreciate. And we’re sure the kids appreciate all the kindness as well, because by the end of the project GT helped to get 80 more of ’em in school. No small feat! So we want to take a moment to give a heartfelt thanks to the Green Team. And here’s to more incredible collabs with GT in the future!
Below is a little info-graph repping all the Green Team did for us and the kids.
xo. wasabipear
Fund Breakdown
*Note: Each child in the graph represents an actual child put in school this year.
Learn more about the Green Team and join the community here >


admin says:
@Amelie ~ Yes and yes!
2010-05-20 10:15:03
amelie says:
Does the current amount shown include proceeds from sales of the Limited LBD dress and auctioned eBay items? Thanks to the UP Team for all you do!
2010-05-19 16:53:24
Payal says:
Thank you eBay green team! How about we round up the good 'ol UPers for one last wave to push UP over the 100k mark?
2010-05-17 23:07:26
mm says:
all i have to say is...wouldn't 100K be a really nice number to end this leg of the journey on?? before all the bookkeeping is finalized and the check is handed over to akanksha, wouldn't it be nice if sheena was able to hand over a bubbly round number with five 0s in it (7 if she adds the cents)?? can't we make a last ditch effort to break that barrier??
2010-05-17 22:39:59