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Estethica Exhibition, London Fashion Week

We wanted to keep you updated on the goings-on and happenings we noticed while bashing around London Fashion Week. Here are some of our great finds from the Estethica Exhibition, the British Fashion Council‘s eco sustainable initiative sponsored by Monsoon:
We met with jigsaw puzzle piece fashion designer Mark Liu, and his Zero Waste line which utilizes a cutting technique designed to save 15% of fabric on each garment. He also told us about a new sustainable rating system, the Blue Button from MadeBy, that focuses on production transparency and has the flexibility to evolve with the current concepts of “sustainability”. Fabulous shoe designer, Nina Dolcetti, also met with us. She makes great shoes out of reclaimed fabric, leather scraps and wood. We saw an exhibit by Stephen Jones whose hats defy gravity and bare heads.
Mark Liu
We met up with the knitting grannies and fashion models of The North Circular. The groups handmade knitted accessories are versatile enough to be worn multiple ways, and the wool used comes exclusively from sheep sanctuary, Izzy Lane. The talent behind Goodone stunned and amazed us with it’s colorful, futuristic knitwear made entirely out of left over knits and jerseys. The pieces are worthy of any Jane Fonda of today — watch out Barbarella.
Another one of our favorites was the very talented avant-garde designer Ada Zandition, whose bee-inspired collection, a commentary on the issues around the bee colony collapse and made entirely out of linen (which is a naturally organic material), is pure sculpture madness!  And finally, the cherry on the Sunday was Rachael Cassar, who elevates absolutely sustainable design into haute couture, using found items from thrift stores, garage sales, and the like to create clothes that would make Oliver Theyskens jealous.


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