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The crafting of the Möbius Strip

In preparation for Sheena’s trip to Ars Electronica, our friend and designer Kathleen Scully collaborated with us to create a hot hot haute accessory. Working out of New York, her company Rifla aims to accessorize the conscientious bike rider with fashionably sustainable options. From MetroCard holders to helmet hats (see Sheena’s Tour de France tribute on July 26), Scully creates some super chic items we at U.P love.
So when life gave her tape, she made a cowl. The sculpted scarf, which Sheena wore to the ARS festival on Sept 6th, was created from reclaimed materials Scully found or happened upon. She used a saffron-hued caution tape from Con Edison (dangerously fabulous) and Geämi’s sustainable packaging material (not oil-based) to create the electric piece.
mobiusShape or shapely? The accessory was inspired by the mathematical form of the Möbius Strip, the universal Recycling symbol. For Scully, the infinite loop represents the positive affects we can have on the fashion industry by re-using (and elevating) discarded materials. There are so many fun and creative options to be explored when you look around. What’s more thrilling than turning caution tape into a head turning neck piece?
Additionally, Scully uses the color Saffron as an accent throughout the outfit to assure good Karma to the donors who contribute to our cause. (Saffron has been used as a textile and food colorant for centuries and is traditionally believed to bring good tidings to those who bring it as a donation to Buddhist Temples).
We love the ethos, we love the aesthetic and we just can’t stop staring at it.
Crafting by sea Crafting in car
Above: Scully on vacation working away on the Möbius Strip.
See another Scully creation on U.P on Sept 7th – the stunning maxi hoop skirt – and much more at www.scullynewyork.com


b. whitaker says:
OMG!!! This piece is really really stunning! Is she currently making others like this?
2009-09-23 16:46:41
Pooja says:
Kathleen...this is magnificant.....truly an original Kathleen creation....and how amazing the underlying message of reusing scrap materials!...it's gorgeous!!! it really is stunning!
2009-09-21 22:36:13
Anne says:
Kathleen! What an awesome piece. I thought it was soooo beautiful! Did you knit with the packing tape? Lovely and so creative. You are really reved up now grl!!! xo :0) Anne
2009-09-15 13:42:37
Kate says:
I love the gorgeous volume of this piece, and the texture in the packaging fabric...Nice work, Scully! Glad to see you are using all the strings on your bow these days, not just the ones meant for color! :) kate
2009-09-15 09:51:15
Jeb says:
Way to go Scully! I love the universal Recycling symbolism and the good Karma color! Looking forward to seeing more of your work! Jeb =^..^=
2009-09-15 07:45:45