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Fashion Week is upon us

New York is moving full speed ahead against the elements, amping up for seven days of fierce. But if you aren’t one of the select few taking refuge in the tents, fret not, you can still get your daily dose of fashion fun at the Uniform Project. Follow Sheena as she features a select group of New York based ethical designers who are making waves off the mainstream.
Each day during NYFW, Sheena will collaborate with one of our favorite local designers to reinvent the LBD she has donned for the past 9 months, with an accompanying blog story profiling each designer’s stand on sustainability in fashion.
Our featured designers include Study NY, Bahar Shahpar, SANS, Scully, Helena Fredriksson and Suno. And while entirely unique in their aesthetic, the designers are all driven by the shared view that the fashion industry is in need of a serious internal makeover. So whether you’re in it to fix fashion or to simply get your fashion fix, this is a week at the Uniform Project that is not to be missed!
And it doesn’t end there. In the true spirit of reuse, all the items donated by the designers will be featured in our upcoming accessory auction, with all proceeds going to our fundraiser for Akanksha. So keep a close eye on your favorites of the week, it could be yours soon.


Wendie says:
Love fashion week, mostly b/c of the "interesting" stuff that comes out! Can't wait to see what truly interesting finds Sheena has in store for us!!
2010-02-10 20:54:27
Sai says:
Hey UP-ers! This sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see what the collabos will look like!
2010-02-10 20:14:37