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Not Just Another Dress

We believe the only way to create a sizable and meaningful shift in consumption is to design products that are not only ethically sound, but also beautiful, imaginative, and inspiring. Hence we give you the new U.P LBD and our thoughts behind it.

Turn Uniformity on its Head
With the help of our new inhouse fashion expert Tara St. James, we designed this dress keeping in mind what we think a staple design should be: versatile, yet basically simple. It is a classic A-line silhouette which is flattering to all body types. Take a minute to click-through our Look Book at the store, where you can see Sheena and our friends, Aki, Laetitia, Janine, Mebrak, Jessica, Lainie, Siri and Slim, who donated a very hot and steamy Sunday to strike some poses in the dress. They all brought their own favorite accessories and put together some killer looks, sans stylist. With Sheena snapping away behind the camera, the shoot was fun and effortless, with the shots capturing the style and spirit that always comes with wearing a U.P dress!

We approach each U.P release as a study in sustainable production. We’re carefully looking into every aspect of the design process that in turn impacts quality, footprint, durability and affordability. We plan to continue our exploration of new fibers and yarns as we learn more through practice. With this release, it was one of our goals to develop our own ideal fabric, so we decided to go to the source of the fiber. Since the range of eco-friendly fabrics developed in the US is very limited, we sourced the fiber in India where we were able to blend native silk with locally grown organic cotton and have them spun and woven. The result is a gorgeous, medium weight fabric in a 75% organic cotton and 25% silk blend.
Make Your Own
We also believe that how this dress is made should be as versatile as the dress itself, so we are releasing the pattern to put the dress in your hands. Take it to your local tailor for a bespoke version, sew it yourself if you are handy with a presser foot, or even ask Grandma to make you one or two. If you feel like changing the pattern a bit, go for it, you can lengthen just about anywhere, adjust to your exact body measurements, make it in any color, print, and weave that you like. Or, you can purchase our proprietary fabric with the pattern for an identical match to the dresses we’re making.

Each U.P product is conceived as part of a charitable mission, this time we’re keeping with our fundraiser from year 1, and continuing to donate 10% of retail sales to the Akanksha Foundation, who provide education to underprivileged children in India. When you buy this dress you will be supporting our cause, and adding a versatile staple to your wardrobe. Let it be your personal styling canvas. Wear it over and over, again and again and join us in changing our world one outfit at a time.


Uniform Project says:
We sincerely apologize for the delay and are very sorry that you weren't notified earlier! We've been working through a technical issue on pattern printing and will be sending everyone a detailed update and final delivery date this week. Rest assured your orders are safe and we are really sorry for the worry it's caused. If anyone has any specific questions or concerns you can email us and we'll fill you in personally. We truly appreciate your support and thank you for ordering the pattern and being part of the project!
2010-09-28 18:13:08
rensz says:
Wow! never heard of your project until today - I just spent half an hour clicking through all the pages and posts. Love it! It's in fact similar to the challenge I set myself: to only wear clothes designed & made by me and blog about it. I'll let you know when my version of your LBD is ready!
2010-09-21 13:14:11
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2010-09-09 19:00:47
Beth says:
Wow -- it's a beautiful dress. I wish it were longer, though.
2010-08-12 14:24:17
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2010-08-05 11:58:18
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2010-08-03 20:06:31
sharon says:
@Patti 40 is young, girl!!! it seems like everyone looks great in this dress. in both photo shoots it looks like there were people in their 60s wearing it. and if you check out the LBDs around the world link, you'll see all ages wearing the dress with style and flair.
2010-08-01 12:44:58
George says:
Don't mention it Britwatch! you seem like you have your heart in the right place but no knowledge how the fashion filandropy world works! and do not send those kids rags please!!!
2010-07-31 10:56:21
The Uniform Project: Little Black Dresses for Charity | MyCake financial management says:
[...] Plus you can get the LBD pattern to make your own ~ here. [...]
2010-07-31 07:52:22
Britwatch says:
Dear George, Thanks for clarifying. I thought perhaps I could print lots of them on my own printer, and send them to India for the kids to wear too? No? Ce n'est pas possible?
2010-07-31 04:52:46
Patti says:
Love the concept, love the dress. I am interested in buying it, but wondering if I can pull it off at age 40?!?
2010-07-29 12:42:04
George says:
Britwatch you are not supposed to print it off the net!!!! you're supposed to pay for it you cheapskate otherwise how will it help the children at Acknaksha?????
2010-07-29 09:50:21
Emmerelda says:
This is GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-EAT!!!! It's amazing to see girls with style, imagination and spunk! I tip my hat to you all.
2010-07-28 21:50:59
Adélie {Verte Adélie} says:
This dress is lovely! What would you say about the level required to sew it (sorry if it's written somewhere, I haven't found the information so far)? With those hidden buttons under a plaquet / removable collar and all that, would you say it's for experts only, or would an intermediate sewer be ok with it?
2010-07-28 18:48:20
mm says:
in response number 11, o+bamagrrl makes obamagrrl. just saying. but it does beg the question, when are michelle and the girls gonna come on board??
2010-07-28 11:11:57
o says:
You don't have to print this - just wanted to say thanks!
2010-07-27 20:10:55
Uniform Project says:
@o+bamagrrl ~ The collar is removable and is attached with small hidden buttons at the edge. Without the collar the neckline is a standard round neck and the buttons are not visible (they are on the inside of the dress). Hope this clarifies!
2010-07-27 19:35:24
bamagrrl says:
This is beautiful, can't wait to receive mine! One question -- what do you mean by button-on collar? Do you mean that the collar is removable? If so, it would be great to post a pic without the collar as well...there may be one, but if so it's one where the model's hair/accessories are obscuring this detail.
2010-07-27 16:26:11
o says:
Do you have pictures of the dress worn without the button-on collar? (just wanted to see what it looked like...) Thanks
2010-07-27 14:37:49
Britwatch says:
Dear Uniformproject, I printed the webpage with the pattern, and even filled in the shapes with black colour, but I can't get it to look like in the pictures. Do you know why? Is it because I haven't used the right printer? What glue should I be using to stick the pieces together? Please let me know. I think this is a great idea. Will you be making chocolate muffins anytime soon?
2010-07-27 14:26:49
mm says:
pictures and design, amazing. it's really remarkable how much you nail all the fine details. and to think other companies waste so much money on campaigns, it's really impressive how you guys are doing this for basically nothing just amongst friends. i don't think it's hyperbole to say that when the world finds out, the "fashion industry" will have to change or give up.
2010-07-27 09:35:18
Uniform Project says:
Hi Babs, Yes. The dress is totally machine washable and dryable. For maximum wear, we suggest hand washing the dress in cold water, or machine-washing on the cold delicate cycle. Rather than machine drying, hang your dress to dry in the shade to preserve the dyes and prevent fading. Hope this helps!
2010-07-26 22:34:49
Babs says:
Can your fabric be machine washed or is it dry-clean only?
2010-07-26 22:27:18
brokensaint says:
thanks for releasing the pattern! As a tall woman, I'd never be able to wear that without lengthening it...
2010-07-26 21:05:28
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2010-07-26 18:56:25
s. says:
this is wonderful. all those shots are gorgeous (love the lady rocking the guitar) and it's brave and awesome that you are letting the pattern out into the world. much love, s.
2010-07-26 18:53:56
EmilyKennedy says:
Wow! My eyes welled up seeing this post! It's so amazing that you are posting the pattern! And the Tara St. James design is divine. The details really make this! Also, your models are EXCELLENT. LOVE.
2010-07-26 18:27:24