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New U.P Dress & Pattern Release!

U.P Dress and Pattern ReleaseWith the Limited Edition dresses in the happy hands of LBDers around the globe, we’d like to address the many requests we’ve been getting for more dresses. We’re thrilled to announce that we are releasing a new U.P LBD in the next couple weeks!
The new dress takes into account all of the feedback we’ve received from you, along with some surprise design features that we think you’ll love. Also, since one of our biggest challenges in producing the Ltd. Edition run was finding the right fabric, we’re developing our own sustainable fabric especially for the dresses. And of course, the dress sales will continue to support our cause for the children of Akanksha.
We are releasing a dress patten as well, so all you seamstresses out there can put your own spin on the LBD. You could even take it to your local tailor for a bespoke version!
To be informed as soon as the dresses and pattern go on sale signup here>
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Amy says:
Any news on when this 2.0 version will arrive? Eager.....
2010-08-26 16:20:22
Greenista.com Contributing Article: The Schoolgirl Uniform Grows Up and Goes Green « A Project Called Life says:
[...] that she has] a new uniform project up her upcycled sleeves.  Donations are welcome and  limited editions of her little black dress (made from sustainable materials) are now available [...]
2010-08-20 22:57:46
Greenista - green, trendy, and eco-conscious tidbits | Greenista says:
[...] a new uniform project up her upcycled sleeves. In the meantime, donations are still welcome and limited editions of her little black dress (made from sustainable materials) will be available online soon. So in [...]
2010-08-19 15:24:47
G says:
Nice! I wish you'd make the pattern available as pdf though...
2010-07-22 23:51:45
Alice says:
So excited! hopefully it's more affordable than the first year dresses. If not, then I need to learn how to sew!
2010-07-21 00:59:19
Heather says:
Uh, it's been a couple of weeks now. Can't hold my breath much longer! Please post an update on the process. We can hardly wait.
2010-07-18 14:38:40
Den lille svarte | Leve Landås says:
[...] sammen. P: Jo, vi må jo innrømme det. Jeg vurderer å kjøpe den lille svarte kjolen til Sheena i The Uniform Project. Etterpå vil jeg aldri mer trenge å kjøpe et eneste nytt plagg. A: ??? P: Viste jeg deg ikke den [...]
2010-07-17 09:31:03
Julia*Mieko says:
I've been waiting for this dress forever! I can't wait!
2010-07-14 23:57:39
Jenessa says:
I have been waiting for this for so long! I have fabric waiting to be used! I would love to buy the dress and the pattern. SO EXCITED!
2010-07-10 11:18:03
Leslie says:
I can hardly wait for the pattern! This is going to be a literal godsend for those of us who sew. I may just decide to buy a dress too because I'll be impatient to be wearing it! Then I'll be able to relax and take my time sewing the second one.
2010-07-08 20:30:07
Phyllis says:
Wonderful, I cannot wait, not only will it be for a worthy cause, It will take the thought out of my dressing concerns in the morning.
2010-07-08 07:32:44
Mimi says:
Will the UP pattern be available in plus sizes? I love this dress, this idea, just everything, and I've been following the project off and on since May '09. And I thought...that is the perfect solution to my wardrobe dilemmas! Then I thought, "I am no designer; how will I get such a dress?" I am an old hand at modifying patterns, but I'm still unskilled in creating them. So...will us Big Girls be able to get this pattern too?
2010-07-05 20:08:21
Kirsten says:
I can hardly wait for the pattern. Thanks for doing that for us diy'ers!!
2010-07-04 17:56:34
op-shop girl says:
I have started my own op shop challenge to wear op-shop clothes for the next 100 days http://recycledrose.wordpress.com/
2010-07-04 05:45:52
Laura says:
HURRY!!!! I want to see... The suspense is killing me!!!! :)
2010-07-03 11:57:01
Uniform Project says:
You'll get see to the new dress design very soon, so stay tuned for the release! In terms of the material, the dresses will be made in our very own U.P sustainable fabric. Since we're developing the fabric specifically for our dress from the fibers to the weave to the weight, it will be totally one of a kind and made with sustainable materials and methods. We will have all of the details for you when we release the dress.
2010-07-02 12:53:10
Christina says:
I have one of the original dresses, but wondered how the new one differed in terms of style/cut and material?
2010-07-01 21:58:26
mira says:
very excited to see what will be going on with the UP and the new dress!!
2010-07-01 16:07:31
noa says:
2010-07-01 15:23:30
admin says:
Hi there, just wanted to clarify a couple of the pattern Qs ~ The pattern will be released for the new dress, which you'll be seeing very soon. However; since it is a pattern, it's totally customizable and the possibilities for adjustments are endless!
2010-07-01 14:27:55
Ann Morrison Tufts says:
I would like to know what the differences are in fit between the two versions. Also planning to dust off the sewing machine if I can get my hands on a pattern!
2010-06-30 20:57:09
Socult says:
I am so excited for this dress release. I missed out on the first release. Will you release a pattern for the first edition though? I've been checking this page every few days in the hope I could attain one ever since I first discovered this blog.
2010-06-30 18:57:19
sharon says:
yay! can't wait for the pattern....
2010-06-30 14:17:50
Cathy says:
Yay! I hope it's affordable :)
2010-06-30 13:36:05
Elle says:
Yess! I can't wait to finally get one of these dresses!
2010-06-30 12:36:43
EmilyKennedy says:
This is so exciting! You'll keep blogging about it, right? I don't want to sign up for anything other than your RSS feed.
2010-06-30 11:46:14
Susan says:
Yea! Please release a pattern in girls sizes too!!!!
2010-06-30 11:40:40
mira says:
will the pattern be of the original or the 2nd addition?
2010-06-30 01:54:39
holly says:
Excellent news! I've got a length of black silk just waiting...
2010-06-29 23:38:17
flo says:
i can't believe that the sewing pattern will be available !!! so impatient !
2010-06-29 21:36:47
annie says:
Yes!! I have the first edition, but I'm ready for another one!! I'd love to get the pattern and make a red one :).
2010-06-29 19:13:31
maayan says:
woo hoo!
2010-06-29 18:48:34
Millie says:
Yay for the sewing pattern! Can't wait.
2010-06-29 15:39:42