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New tidings at U.P

A project about daily change can’t stay the same forever, right? Well now is the time for that makeover. We will be rolling out the new U.P website this week, so please bear with all the minor hiccups while we get there. What you will see is not just a design revamp, but also a categorical reorganization of the past 2 years of U.P adventures. Add to that a much-needed upgrade of our technology framework to accommodate for more flexible content updates, and presto, welcome to U.P’s whole new look.

What’s missing and what’s new.
You will discover a lot of new features, but there are also a few things you’ll notice missing. Notably, the Pilot of the month series is going to take a little hiatus. A much loved extension of the first year, we’re letting the Pilot program take a “nap” while we focus on creating more interactive, community based opportunities on the U.P platform. With the slew of email requests we keep receiving, we felt the time was right to expand the platform in order to promote all the inspiring individual LBD challenges happening in the U.P. community.
A special note! To all the DIY’ers who’ve already written and haven’t heard back from us: Fret not, we’ve just been a bit buried getting the basic site framework up, you’ll be hearing from us with a proper update very soon!
This new chapter will also give us a chance to look back and celebrate what has already been accomplished, allowing everyone to check in with the past dailies and fundraisers.  Each day will continue to feature a daily look from our archives alongside regular content updates from U.P happenings worldwide.

To the future.
As has been the case for the past two years, this new phase of U.P will continue to be a labor of love. From everyone currently involved to everyone who has contributed in the past, we feel utterly blessed to have shared with you this journey of doing ‘good’ the fun way. But most importantly, we’re thankful for each and every one of you, our community and greatest asset; the real reason we are still here. We hope you stay with us as we continue to explore new horizons together.
We’d love to hear your thoughts on all of these new developments. So comment away!
Sheena & the U.P crew


Judith says:
Dear U.P., As a new mother to my gorgeous baby girl, nursing her means that dresses are a thing of my past (for a little while anyway). I miss getting my daily dress fix from the monthly Pilots and I await their return with bated breath! Judith.
2011-04-19 15:33:30
Ruby says:
I see so many of my fellow commenters giving their two cents and I feel inclined to join in. I MISS THE DAILIES TOO! I understand that you are busy but if only there was a way to keep the dailies coming...they are so wonderful. Perhaps you don't have to make a new dress each month? Pilots could wear older versions of the LBD? I too get my fix from the Sartorialist but the reason why I loved the UP so much was because there was this aspect to it that made me feel like I could wear the outfits, afford the outfits and be friends with the girls IN the outfits. I lose that with other fashion blogs...plus we get to donate and support a cause at UP! Something is missing from my day :( Please come back. Sincerely, Ruby
2011-04-19 00:22:51
April says:
I really miss the daily pilot too! It did keep me coming back to the site as well (although I could not open the March pictures unless I used my husband's Mac). I will keep checking the site because it really has inspired me to be more creative with less in my own wardrobe. But the dailies were ADDICTIVE (in a good way)!
2011-04-14 00:30:10
Ashe says:
Hm, some days passed - in which I didn't look up your site daily as before btw - and no statement from U.P. I'm really starting to feel dissappointed. Sorry guys, you probably have lots to do and on your mind. But I would be really glad if you could respond to our comments. I feel like a left alone fan starting to turn away from his busy idol.
2011-04-13 13:09:39
Farmer Beth says:
@Rebekah: Yes! I love The Sartorialist, and I always check him out, too, and the Refashion Coop, and Marisa at 365 new dress a day. Still, nothing has quite the satisfaction of the UP. :)
2011-04-08 20:17:29
Deb says:
Along with the other comments here, I really really miss being able to check in on those pilots everyday! Checking in has becomes a daily ritual, hope some sort of daily comes back with the redesign. Uniform Project is the bomb, I love you guys for what you do!
2011-04-08 16:22:21
Rebekah says:
Farmer Beth, I felt the same way - jonesin' for my daily fashionista fix! While it's not a complete match to the heart of UP, you can still see really great, everyday people showing off their unique style at The Sartorialist. Great photos of regular people in NY street fashion if you've never checked it out... I do hope the dailies come back soon, though.
2011-04-08 06:53:04
Farmer Beth says:
This is NOT a complaint, because I know you all have great amounts of work to do and you put so much love and attention into it, but you've gotta know I am absolutely JONESIN' for a daily pilot! What is it about this concept? Holy fashionistas, it has been seriously addicting to see this incredibly artistic project unfold each day. Good luck to you.
2011-04-08 02:38:36
renee says:
It is interesting how compelling having a daily pic is. I like the expanded homepage, and I think it's well organized and clear. Maybe UP could have LBD April (similar to the old LBD Fridays) during which fans post pictures. Though I confess I don't know much about web design, so I'm not sure if this could be concurrent with the site re-vamp. In any case, keep up the good work. cheers!
2011-04-07 14:27:57
Payal says:
Hello UP crew! I think it's great that you guys are taking a break to pull stuff together. Trying to run the dailies while making the changes would only compromise on both. I'll desperately miss the dailies, but maybe 'cause I'm going through a busy period, it'll be easier on me :) Good luck, and I'll be waiting to see the new site! Big love, Payal
2011-04-06 11:59:24
Anna says:
I hoped the disappearance of the pilots was an April Fools joke, but it is for real! I really miss the pilots. I wish you well with the new phases of the project and all, but I feel like developing a connection to a woman (first Sheena, then the pilots) and following her changing relationship to the dress was the whole reason I kept coming back almost every day.
2011-04-06 07:46:54
Rebekah says:
I have to agree with Ashe. While I think the UP is a wonderful project that is certainly going places and needs to keep things fresh and new, without the dailies I've lost my need to check in regularly to see the new look. That means I'm less inclined to check in as often, less inclined to donate. I would recommend reconsidering canceling the pilot aspect. The new page looks great, but without something new to keep coming back to I'm not as inclined to be a repeat visitor. While having the old dailies as a reminder is nice, I've seen those pics and am not moved to do much else but say "Cool outfit" and move on. Please bring back the dailies!
2011-04-06 00:19:15
Ashe says:
Hi guys, it's me again. I really have to say I miss looking at your dailies everyday now. I don't really like it that they're gone. And I think your new site is a bit confusing. I hope you'll come up with good new stuff and will keep me here. I don't wanna forget this project. Yearning for more, Ashe
2011-04-05 09:20:32
gill miller says:
Hi - so glad to hear about new things and CHANGES - I'm much inspired by all your work and have writen about art opportunities linked to your inspirational ideas - hope you have read it. I have a project started in Jan 2011 and am going with it - would love the opportunity to share with you all. Good luck - will be watching to see how I can get invloved and help others with ART. x Gill
2011-04-04 13:45:47
Farmer Beth says:
Kudos to the UP gang. Yeah, I'm missing my daily fashion fix, and I hope that will eventually be part of the new scheme, but I can wait. I love having the archive photos every day, and with Shauna I am really eager to see what the Woman on the Street (or in the Fields) is doing with her LBD. You're all so great for expanding your amazing idea outward in this way. History-making. People often mention their favorite pilots. I seriously cannot choose--these amazing women have ALL been so inspiring in their own ways.
2011-04-03 17:44:58
summer c. says:
the new front page looks great! i really like how so many aspects of the UP are more readily accessible. i've enjoyed every pilot & am definitely looking forward to what this creative group has in store!
2011-04-03 06:19:43
Wendie says:
I'm sad to see the Pilots go, but for some reason I couldn't open Summer's page for the entire month, so it's almost as though you stopped Pilots for me in Feb, anyway. Can't wait for the new features!
2011-04-03 01:02:31
Shauna says:
This is great - i've been wondering what people are getting up to in their individual challenges, the looks and the body shapes and the causes! Now we'll get to find out. Though i love the fashion forward pilots and have been inspired by Aki Goto and Angie Johnson who did the kind of look that you won't see everyday - I loved their artists' eyes on shape and volume.
2011-04-02 23:04:47
Ashe says:
I'm excited about the change too. Though the break of the daily pilots will change my everyday routine and I'll miss that. Will the pilots come back? I hope so! However, in the mean time I'll explore your new site and new content. :)
2011-04-02 08:13:15
CAG says:
I'm so excited for you guys!! You all are amazing and I can't wait to partake in your new found journey. I know most people will agree. Good Luck and Continued Blessings! -CAG
2011-04-02 07:45:23