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Making a Classic LBD

In theory, making a dress is a relatively easy concept. You buy a pattern, find the fabric, cut the fabric, sew the dress, add buttons or trims. Done. But producing a dress on a larger scale is a little more complicated than this.
First the dress has to be designed. Many factors come into play here such as fit, wearability, and finishing. Sheena tested out her original LBD dress for a full year before it was produced, so that offered a lot of “road tested” comments. When it came to making the new LBD, we wanted to add design details keeping it versatile, yet classically simple. Some were for function (longer length, larger armhole and sleeve opening, reshaped princess seams) and others for fashion (covered button placket, upturned cuffs, detachable collar). We went through two rounds of fittings and sampling before approving the final fit and finishing of our new Classic LBD.
U.P Fabric
Then a fabric is chosen. We developed our own proprietary fabric after several discussions about what would be best for this dress. We finally settled on a organic cotton / silk blend in a jacquard weave. This was an ideal choice for a dress that could be both casual and dressy, comfortable and chic. But developing a custom fabric isn’t always easy. We insisted on organic cotton from India, which is in short supply at the moment, so sourcing it took a little longer than we anticipated. It took about 45 days for the yarn to be sourced and the fabric to be custom woven for us. But once the fabric was finally ready it was well worth it as it looks and feels great!
Now that the factory has cut the fabric, they are busy sewing the dresses. Sewing can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the quantity of dresses we ordered. We didn’t want to rush the factory as there are a lot of very detailed finishings inside this dress and we want them to be perfect.
Finally the dresses will be shipped to us and then to you in our reusable custom printed logo tote bags, instead of the standard plastic polybags used to ship most garments to stores and customers. This was another decision we made to reduce unnecessary waste.
Dress + Tote
Tote U.P
And so now you know a little more about the production of our Classic LBD. We thank you for being so patient while we went through this process.
We hope you love your new dress!
xx. Tara St. James


J says:
It is december now- we were suppossed to be getting tracking numbers and such by now. Can we get another update? Excited, but feeling mighty frustrated! Thanks
2010-12-05 22:27:39
Uniform Project says:
Yes, they're being send out in mid November, we're excited too!
2010-11-04 09:48:35
Kacey says:
Any idea when the first batch of the LBDs will be sent out? I am sooo excited for them to arrive!!
2010-11-03 16:32:17
Uniform Project says:
Hi Aimee, You can absolutely still order an LBD. If you order now you'll get your dress in time for the holidays! xx. the U.P
2010-10-28 18:09:45
Pradha says:
Thanks Tara for the link :)
2010-10-27 19:44:26
Loretta says:
Terrific! Thanks! Carrying the tote around will help get the word out, too.
2010-10-24 18:01:27
aimee says:
Hi ! Have I got it right I would have had to have ordered by august to get a LBD and it´s too late now :( When will the next deadline be ? I´m sorry, English isn´t my mother tongue... Greetings and thanks for being such an inspiration!
2010-10-21 17:21:11
Uniform Project says:
Hi Loretta, We actually decided to send a tote with the pattern as a gift to thank you for your patience, we hope you enjoy!
2010-10-19 16:52:34
Tara says:
@Pradha The third image was taken during our Fashion Week party in NY. The table lamp was made by a local Brooklyn based artist and is available for sale at International Playground. I love it too, I want to buy 3 of them for my apartment! www.internationalplayground.com
2010-10-11 17:08:24
Loretta says:
Does the tote come with the pattern too? If not, is there any chance of buying the tote by itself?
2010-10-09 03:21:15
Pradha says:
Reusable tote bag for shipping the dress is such a wonderful idea! Looking forward to wearing the dress and carrying the tote!! Please let me know where you got that interesting table lamp in the third image :)
2010-10-08 09:43:52
Sophie says:
Oooo! I'm so excited. Can't wait! Thanks for the update. It's lovely to see just how much care has gone into producing these dresses.
2010-10-08 00:35:11
Mindy says:
Thanks you for keeping us up to date on what's happening.
2010-10-08 00:12:42
Shannon says:
Thanks for the update! I'm so excited for the big arrival! I will surly wear it the next day. I'm mentally planning outfits now. :)
2010-10-08 00:03:41
Uniform Project says:
Shouldn't be a problem, but we will certainly keep you posted Georgia!
2010-10-07 23:28:50
Beverly says:
I can't wait for my dress! Thanks for the update.
2010-10-07 23:26:01
Georgia Browne says:
I hope that you can get the dress to me at my address in NY where I originally ordered the dress by November 2nd. After that I move to Florida for 5-6 months and I'll have to give you my Florida address. Let me know of the progress and I might just have to go with Florida shipping. Georgia Browne
2010-10-07 23:21:58
Andrea C. says:
Thank you for taking sure thought and care during the production and entire process. Woo-hoo! Cannot wait! I'm not the most fashion conscious person, but this has me so excited. I keep looking at items in my closet or at the Thrift Store and thinking, "Will this work?" :D I think it will be the launch of a new me & style. Much appreciated.
2010-10-07 23:09:36
Uniform Project says:
As long as everything goes according to schedule we'll start shipping them out the end of this month!
2010-10-07 20:42:08
kp says:
Yes! Great to know! Does this mean they're shipping to us now, or are is it still another 4-6 weeks? Excited!
2010-10-07 18:02:48
Sara B says:
Thanks for letting us know! :)
2010-10-07 16:07:18