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LBD Monday: The first installment

And what a first it’s been! On March 1st, all of you U.P supporters around the globe donned your own LBDs and blew us away with your commitment and creativity. What started as a little creative experiment has turned into something we had never dreamed of. You’ve proven that a simple idea can grow into a movement, mobilizing people around the world. For that we can’t thank you enough. And we are so very excited about all that is in store for the big bright future!
Below are all the posts from our first LBD Monday. There is a lot to soak up, so sit back, scroll and enjoy!


MindoMondo | The Fashion "Project" that Became an Internet Movement says:
[...] masses and auctioning the various accessories she has worn on EBay. They have also instituted LBD Monday’s where viewers from all over the world can send in pictures of themselves sporting their black [...]
2010-04-09 11:36:27
Miss Original says:
Hey! Huge fan -- I check every day! (although I never comment). I totally dressed up for LBD day, though I didn't put up a picture (internet safety and all). This was a great idea, and I love what everyone came up with. Keep up the good work!
2010-03-04 18:53:43
Bonnie says:
Wow...amazing turn out and great LBD's! Can't wait until the next one! x
2010-03-03 14:08:25
UnoCosa says:
What a fantastic idea! and such a great turn-out! - can't wait to see more to come!!! xx
2010-03-03 13:22:03
B says:
amazing! and yay Noa!
2010-03-03 11:02:53
Stéphanie says:
So nice !
2010-03-03 04:24:52
babz says:
I am overwhelmed by how fabulous all these people are!!! UP has awakened creativity all over the world. Truly inspiring.
2010-03-02 22:06:04
scary. says:
@jess, loveens we'll be bringin back those clubbing days now in about 72 hours ;) .. @shauna, did ya get yer mans number? too much! ...
2010-03-02 21:08:58
christine says:
that's amazing - thanks UP for letting us join in on your fun! can't wait to see the next installment. congratulations, noa, on your amazing contribution and thanks so much for following along, jolly M! xo
2010-03-02 20:23:04
Amy says:
So amazing and inspiring! I LOVE IT! when is the next LBD day? i missed this one but i'm already brainstorming for the next one :)
2010-03-02 17:47:07
holly says:
Oh my goodness! Did you ever guess when you sat down together to come up with the UP project that you would take a very small pebble and throw it into such a large pool! Hats off to Eliza and Sheena.
2010-03-02 17:24:51
Linda says:
It is so exciting to see what a global impact the Uniform Project is having! People from all over the world are posting pics of their LBDs - how cool is that? And kudos to the awesome Noa Ryan for her involvement and her church for giving her the $500!! She is starting down a wonderful path ~ how inspiring! The creativity of everyone in their own LBDs is great to see! :-D
2010-03-02 17:19:36
Payal says:
All this love and creativity is so overwhelming, and for that I say, 'Good on ya UP team!'. Noa, you're really something else aren't you? You should be just as proud of yourself as the rest of us are! That cheque just blew your LDB out of this world! And for the rest of the amazing guys & girls - wow! How good did that make you feel? Now let's remember why we did it, and pull a Noa for the kids ;)
2010-03-02 17:12:52
jolly M says:
I am greatly impressed by the enthusiasm & huge interest U.P fans have shown on the first LBD monday. WOW WOW their lbd pictures are beautiful & thei support 4 the project inspiring!!.WELL DONE EVERYBODY, especially "tiny Samika" & "not so tiny teen" Noa. I have to give a "huge congrat" to Noa for taking so much effortto get to the top & win that "huge money" for Akanksha kids. Be proud of yourself Noa....@ Christine, I had followed your project & congratulation on your 6 months project for a worthy Charity. CONGRATS to ALL PARTICIPANTS OF LBD MONDAY
2010-03-02 17:09:57
Wendy says:
I'm so inspired by the sheer enthusiasm that comes through in these outfits. Especially the adorable Noa and Samika Rao.
2010-03-02 16:23:06
E.J.Starbuck says:
Wow, I'm so impressed by all the creativity and LBD love going on here. What an amazing idea from our supporters. We're so thankful to have such an awesome community who shares their stories and photos with us. Thanks to everyone who participated! Can't wait to see what you wear for the next LBD Monday! Xoxo!
2010-03-02 15:51:07