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In Memory Of Jerry Fuchs

jerryRIP Jerry Fuchs
1974 – 2009

At the wake of tragedy, it is always difficult. After 3 days of silence, where the daily photos were suspended, we recommenced on Nov 13th. Moving forward should in no way suggest a diminishing of sorrow or respect. While fashion may seem frivolous at a time like this, it has been our vehicle to advocate positive change in the world, and we hope the money we’ve raised for the children of Akanksha is a testament to this mission.
Many of Jerry’s friends helped orchestrate our fundraiser event and our sincere gratitude and sympathies go out to all of them. We will always be here for his friends and family and available to speak if they have any questions.
And we thank you, our supporters, for your understanding and your compassion with regards to this tragedy. You are a great community to be a part of, and it is our hope that our fans and critics alike will understand the best of intentions and deepest of respect with which we move forward.
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Gloria says:
May you happy !You are such a kind girl!
2009-12-06 09:39:46
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