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Yes, we are planning to sell the dress.

We’re currently looking into finding the right organic fabric and an affordable manufacturer who aligns with our sustainability mission. When the dresses are in market, it will be announced on the U.P site and via twitter and facebook announcements. All proceeds after expenses will go towards supporting our non-profit mission. Stay tuned!
GET INVOLVED: We are looking for investors to help us manufacture the dress in  larger quantities via sustainable measures. If you are interested or know of parties that may be able to help, please Email us >


Kylie says:
You could make and sell a pattern out of recycled paper, it encourages people to be creative with the design, make their own personal touches, and it's environmentally friendly. A percentage of the purchase cost could go towards either the same cause or another cause. ^_^ Good work! You've inspired me to go on my own personal journey to help a cause close to my heart. <3 Kylie x
2010-05-25 03:24:51
Ari says:
I totally agree. Sell the pattern to us! I'd love to make a dress and even attempt the project myself as a fundraiser. Could be cool to see how other people spin the uniform project in their own corners of the world and you'd get additional $$ for your project!
2010-05-05 16:41:55
laks says:
Any updates on providing a pattern for the dress? Please consider it for those of us who cannot afford the 1.8.0. dollors!!
2010-05-05 05:27:11
Christine says:
I would love the pattern so I could make my own with my own personal touches (eg, I need a navy uniform for work). You could still make money for the foundation selling the pattern... :-)
2010-04-08 03:42:09
Lilou says:
I absolutely love your dress and your project. i've knitted a cookie scarf, joined etsy.com, discovered hidden gems in my local vintage shops and i'm even running a half marathon to raise money for the Akanksha kids. but even if i've been dreaming about it for almost a year now, i really can't afford $180 to buy a dress. please please please, tell me you will sell the pattern sometimes soon.
2010-03-29 09:35:45
Deborah says:
Will there be a reduced price version of the dress available at some poin? $180.00 is a lot of money. Some of us wear old and vintage clothes because we cannot afford new high end clothing.
2010-03-28 16:49:36
ruby says:
aaahhhh!!! must have AT LEAST one of these dresses! Please, please, please... - make it machine washable: so it lasts longer, and can be worn more - make following your fabulous eco philosophy ie renewable resources, ethical, natural etc - make it available worldwide: you're an international fashion icon it'd be rude to deprive people who aren't in the USA - make it available to all sizes and shapes of people: as per your original concept - maybe offer it in a few other basic colours? Efficiency permitting, obviously oooh i cant wait - want one so bad!!
2010-03-02 13:31:04
minnie says:
Add my vote for the pattern!!!!!!
2010-03-01 14:55:35
Diana says:
Did I hear mention of a pattern?
2010-01-30 21:29:16
Maarit says:
I can't wait for the dress to be on sale, please put one aside for me. WOOHOO!!!
2010-01-27 06:48:19
natasha says:
maybe availible for little people too...
2010-01-15 02:27:28
Stephanie says:
Please, Please, Please make a pattern available. I love to sew and I have been looking for a dress just like this FOREVER. I have drawn so much inspiration in my own wardrobe just from looking at the photos everyday. Thank you so much for doing this.
2009-12-30 18:42:06
Jen says:
I've signed up for updates; cannot WAIT for this dress or a pattern to become available!!
2009-12-23 18:53:47
Esther says:
yes yes YES! i do hope you will be able to ship to the UK:) i've fallen in love with this dress and have already begun to think up ways in which i can accessorize it ♥ your work xx
2009-12-23 14:31:33
Oré says:
Organic fabrics? Good! I'm definitely in love with this dress! Like Salla, i wish that shipping will be possible everywhere ( in Belgium for example ).
2009-12-16 07:27:53
Salla says:
The pattern idea is wonderful! Probably would buy both the pattern and the dress if they were available. Please make international shipping possible! Greetings from very cold and snowy Finland!
2009-12-14 02:52:36
Alfonsina says:
will the dress come to Australia i would love to have it
2009-12-07 04:05:07
Jules says:
Is there any chance the dress will be ready in time for Christmas?
2009-12-06 17:38:05
Rebecca says:
I would also like to second the votes for the dress to be available in plus size/curvier women... and to be able to be shipped to Australia as well! I think this is an awesome project and idea... good luck with it all!
2009-11-08 08:35:09
Imogen says:
I'm absolutely dying to buy this dress! Is there any hope it might be available for Christmas?
2009-11-08 06:59:42
sharona says:
Is the dress machine washable or does it need to be handwashed or drycleaned?
2009-11-06 16:27:10
Nina says:
Such a wonderful idea! hope you will market the dress in Europe too. There is a swedish company, demcollective.com that manufacturs clothes ethically from organic materials if you're still looking for someone to make it.
2009-11-04 15:03:10
Nia says:
I'm another vote for selling the pattern. Well, selling both, the dress and the pattern. I also believe that some alterations would be needed for curvy women. I don't mean as a euphemism for fat, I mean women with curves who need dresses with different front and back!
2009-10-30 16:02:23
Nina says:
Hey guys I think what you are doing is amazing!! Great to see an original idea to make the world a better place!! I'm just affirming the whole shipping to New Zealand thing...it's a great idea!! And the possibility of a pattern for tall people!! You guys are amazing!! Keep up the amazing work!!
2009-10-22 06:07:53
kimberly says:
Please, please, please make a pattern available! This is such a wonderful idea and I can't wait to join in. Once again, thank you for the inspiration!!!
2009-10-17 23:45:50
lulu says:
It's time to pick up the pace! Make the dress already! We're ready to give you money!
2009-10-17 16:41:55
2009-10-13 23:14:28
Elizabeth says:
Great news that you will be making / selling the dress. Don't fprget those of us > 50, who aren't so keen on short skirts. Love the look, the layering and the versatility, the greeness of it, just not so keen on the length. Believe that the design can be very age appropriate for ALL ages. Keep up the great work & inspiration!!!
2009-10-08 17:35:57
gretchen says:
i am so excited for this dress. from the moment i read about you in my body and soul magazine, i marched right over to my computer and just spent an hour looking at all your wonderful outfits. ! ! ! much love, gretchen
2009-10-07 21:29:04
Lynda says:
Love your whole inspirational project - have just discovered it via glove-love. Love the pattern idea posted here too. Please make one available. Please could you also post news of dress/pattern progress on your blog as I don't twitter or face book, and suspect I may not be alone!
2009-10-07 04:53:38
lizzie says:
i agree about the pattern idea too, although i wouldnt mind buying the dress either heehee! dont forget the girls in asia!
2009-10-05 09:50:04
Jas says:
This is such a wonderful thing! Hoping Oprah gets a hold of your story and that the dress will be available to the U.S.
2009-10-01 13:59:44
Manuela says:
I love the simplicity of the dress and would like to sew it myself. It would be great if we could download the pattern from your website or order it. If you'll find a seller for the dress it probably won't be available in Switzerland (as so many other things too :-(), so please don't forget your fans far away....
2009-10-01 08:48:47
Rachelle Mee-Chapman says:
I've just taken a pledge not to buy any new clothes for one year...but I can make and knit things my self with the materials I have on hand. If you make a pattern I would be ecstatic! I'll follow in Twitter, just in case.
2009-09-30 11:56:35
carolinespost says:
Please hurry! When they become available I'll buy 3 of them! SOOO GORGEOUS
2009-09-29 20:10:55
lightspeedchick says:
I second that... Please post/sell a pattern! Especially since we're starting to have that need-an-indoor-project weather in Montreal... :)
2009-09-28 22:42:38
barbara says:
PATTERN!! Please sell the pattern so we can personalize the length, color, and/or size to the needs of our own age and shape. Patterns are easy to ship worldwide. Buyers of the pattern would be supporting their local dressmakers/tailors by having the dress custom made. And don't underestimate the number of home sewers out there. If you found a wonderful source for the fabric, you might offer to sell an optional "dress length" of the fabric with the pattern -- just a thought. Good luck! ~barbara
2009-09-28 21:45:23
Wendy says:
Pattern? Did someone say pattern? Sigh ... Would love, love, love to make this lovely little number myself (the purse-less pockets are wildly intriguing).
2009-09-26 23:39:34
Catherine says:
Ooops, I meant over 68 inches tall.
2009-09-26 11:07:39
Catherine says:
How about a tall size for those over 40 and over 58 inches tall?
2009-09-26 11:06:02
Susan says:
PLEASE make in plus sizes!!!
2009-09-23 18:06:45
Karen says:
Could you make a dress pattern available sooner? I would love to be able to make my own and alter it as needed. It might be even more sustainable, too.
2009-09-23 10:36:13
Anna says:
Very inspirational idea! Thank you! Will be looking forward to the dress :-)
2009-09-20 16:36:27
emily says:
if you sell the dress on your website and all profits go towrad your cause, you could raise SERIOUS money for the Akanksha Foundation. i would love to help support in that endeavor =)
2009-09-18 14:41:43
Ri says:
That's wonderful news! I do love this dress ... on you. But I'm not built as you are, so I'm not sure if it would look right on me. Still, it's a good cause, so I'd buy one just to try; and if it didn't look right on my shape I could at least feel good in the knowledge that I'd helped the mission.
2009-09-15 12:55:00
virginia says:
so excited, love the dress-- would love to see a slightly longer length for us tall ladies. good luck finding a partner! Please keep us posted on progress.
2009-09-14 15:09:30
andrea says:
Don't forget your Canadian fans!
2009-09-12 22:53:40
melissa says:
yes! will there be plus-sizes...i would love to do this project too...so creative!
2009-09-09 20:50:23
tze says:
i want it!!! hope it will be available internationlly!!
2009-09-09 02:29:27
Annick says:
Great project, terrific idea! I'd love to b able to get that dress in Europe too...!! Bon courage et bonne chance, looking forward getting some news when dress available here -hopefully also in several sizes!-... Ai
2009-09-04 19:26:09
Dulcena says:
I love this dress so much and one thing I always want with a new garment is VERSATILITY!! This dress has it!
2009-09-03 01:28:30
Inez says:
Very excited about this, i hope it can be made available to New Zealanders? Or even make the pattern available to purchase?
2009-08-31 00:58:17
lo says:
oh lord. is it possible to get a phone call when you start selling them? ;) i lust for this dress. i know, it's terrifying.
2009-08-31 00:50:07
lulu says:
UGH, I'm having difficulty with delayed gratification!!! You know Bono (of U2) and his wife have a clothing line, Edun. Good stuff, good philosophy, blah blah blah. Maybe a good tie-in. We might start raging for the dress soon, hurry up...With love ;-) LuLu
2009-08-30 21:27:24
louise david says:
Wooh hoo! Your lovely little dress will sale like hotcakes - I hope you'll be able to ship to Europe and UK. You might like to investigate a tie in with a bigger charity who already have ecommerce nailed. oxfam are really good at it - and they have a whole reconditioned clothes thing that fell out of their oxfam charity shops here in the uk. Topshop UK also do reconditioned clothes and might be interested in producing your dress to distribute in their outlets. Not sure what the equivalent would be in america - GAP? All the very best. lu x
2009-08-30 11:05:54
Sabrina says:
Nice news... hope this dress will fit into curvy ladies, too. =)
2009-08-29 14:03:45