Thursday, December 9th

Day 9

a story of love

hi from idaho finally! what a day, i had the happiest time thanks to these dogs.. yes, now 2dogs beside us. here my boyfriend’s parents house, they have a barn and he’ll turn the 2nd floor into the apartment which is the reason we came here. and actually my bf had another reason to come; taking kaya. kaya grew up in ny and has been attacked by other dogs three times there. she’s been seriously nervous to see other dogs since then, so it became too hard to get her play among dogs. no more dog run, no more making friends. Bruno is a dog of my bf’s parents. omg he’s such a sweetheart! i fell in love with him immediately. but my bf just needed to get kaya along with him so that she’ll be able to enjoy running all day long with a friend in this huge field without anxiety, which was impossible in ny. letting her run free, and getting her friends. these were his biggest hope in idaho.

first, my bf introduced kaya to bruno, then bruno just seemed glad to meet a new friend. but kaya was totally freaked out which was exactly what we had expected, so my bf walked with both dogs with their leashes until she calmed down so that she knew all was fine here. took for hrs, but finally they started playing together too much and forever! i didn’t know this was going to be such an amazing thing, just knew she always had had such pretty but lonely eyes when we had to leave her at home. and never known she loved playing with other dogs like this. im just impressed. don’t know what else to say. sorry everyone, im not talking about the project today but just grateful if i could send you these 2 sweets’ sweetness. and think it’s all about love and so is the UP. thanks for reading, wish you full of love december 8. xa

today’s outfit: my LBD worn as a cloak, pink&black dress donated by eBay Green Team, red stockings, and black boots

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Cute outfit – love the pink collar. I have 2 dogs and they are the best of friends, so fun to watch them together. Your dog story touched my heart, I hope Kaya can relax and enjoy her new friend.

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kaya took off her LBD since ystday to be polite to the new friend. i wanted bruno to be in the pic too but he was too free so impossible to get him 🙂 kaya is such a city girl!

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lise chan

love it!
love the snow!
see you on the 18th, lovely aki!

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Lovely dress, lovely cloak, Lovely Aki, Lovely Kaya, Lovely Story.

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Aki you have to be my fave pilot! Love the randomness of your posts and love the creativity in your style! Much love!

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hello aki! I was so so so happy and felt lonely cause you sent fantastic story and very cute dress. kaya! kaya! kaya! I don’t like dogs, better than cats. but I love kaya! so, your dog lovely! I want see you… so, I challenge ” getting back me “

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i am seriously interested to hear what small town idaho (outside your boyfriend’s family) has to say about your outfits.

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sally tagged this love the dress

aki & kaya rule!

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I liked your non-UP story.

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Congrats for the raise in money! Great!

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I am loving the cloak idea!

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Hi. Beautiful beautiful story!!

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