Friday, December 10th

Day 10

for myself, for yourself

hi how are you? im very good, but also very tired today. actually haven’t got good sleep recently. especially the dogs encounter was too exciting, just something else for me. sorry friends, i tried to write about this project more well, but just felt my brain needed to be completely relaxed otherwise can’t talk from my heart.. 😮 oh no. today i put on this skirt and shirt (can be a dress together!) which was my first “akigoto” piece born at my first art studio in harlem. i remember i had hard time with many things then. so i went there every day alone and kept sewing by hand and painting all day long to empty my brain. moving my fingers regularly could release many thoughts. so then this piece was born. sometimes thinking too much makes you just stuck into the hard place, no? if i realize it, just stop thinking, and listen to my heart instead. then ask what i am really wanting. i got to know taking care of & loving yourself is one of the most important things for you, otherwise you totally can’t think of others either. it’s not easy cuz you need to be conscious and relaxed at the same time.. oops, am i thinking too much?

now realized it so just try to “feel” more. let’s see the page of Songs For Kids again, then feel what a lovely thing they do. no rules for your brain at their world.. yes i need that for myself. would you like to do it with me too? 🙂 have happy relaxed december 10, for yourself. xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, denim square patched dress (skirt+shirt) by [akigoto], black rain boots donated by the lovely team at eBay Green

japanese translation >


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sweet skirt!

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I love your looks! You’re so unique, and a really awesome artist! Thanks you for representing The Uniform Project this month 🙂

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seriously? how r any of your looks tangable in real life?

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Like it, looks very futuristic. You got a very creative brain!

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ok this is creative but not very inspiring.. i mean, i was very enthusiastic on day 1 cause the dress is awesome, but if i’d like to buy it, any of your looks would inspire me to make an outfit..

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All your looks are brave/unique! Love it! 🙂

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love image 2!

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iv’e been unable to post (damn you iphone!) but have been following your beautiful posts, stories and photos. you’ve stamped this month with a unique style and your clothing is inspiring and creative. bonus, your dog has made a new friend!

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To those full of criticism, I think Aki shows quite well how her outfits translate into real life, since she is being photographed in the great outdoors, doing stuff (as opposed to in a a studio, merely posing). It may not be your personal style, but everything she’s been wearing is clearly functional (and also brilliant!)

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