Saturday, January 8th

Day 8

Hey Mr. dj

Casual Saturday, now that I can commit to. So these are some of my staple chill clothes from years past. I don’t know if I mentioned, but I went to fashion school in Savannah for a hot minute (or a hot degree) and while I was there I got on this massive dying kick. It is super easy to do!

Here’s what I suggest. Invest in a crock pot. Get some Rit Dye. Always add salt. Go nuts. I used an African technique for the leggings and tied string around seeds to get the circle effect. The “scarf” is actually just a strip of extra fabric from my collection, and the cardi is straight dipped. It is the most gratifying experience, if you guys try it pulease send pix and it’ll give you major props.

Organize those records bwoy ^.~ xx.wasabipear

***Today’s Outfit: LBD worn top zip front. Long spectrum dyed strip of fabric. African inspired leggings. Doctor’s coat turned periwinkle. Felt ball cap that Sheena gave me.


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Tie-dye forever!!!!! That looks great!!!!! Can you give step-by-step instructions?

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Fantastic! The dress plays down to casual really well. I love your pastel dye duds. Very impressed with your wearable work! Love the funky hat!

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v good record collection there, loving the scarf

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Oooh! Let me play Africa Trivia geek. Reggae Bloodlines album: Bob Marley and other famous reggae artists were/are Rastafarians, who worshipped Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia. The school that Wasabipear is rising money to build is in Ethiopia. Your total is looking awesome, and so it today’s outfit.

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That should have been “raising money.”

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What Ken Be Done

How *wonderful* to see this great celebration of tie-dying, especially influenced by African traditions.

If UP fans like it, I encourage you to also check out the *amazing* skills of these mostly young African refugees and their fashion label in Australia: I’ve not done nearly as well as you wasabipear, but here’s me wearing their great leggings:
Congratulations on your style and fundraising so far…

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You’re a riot! Loving the tights, cap and last pic.

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in delhi and on a miracle .. thirty mins til a train to varanasi .. all sorts of crazy and you’re lookin fabulous! now here’s our encore tune dj jengle belle: .. p.s why can’t i comment on this via iPhone. like the stress of tryina get computer access in this town.

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ha! that’s so funny, i just got some rit dye yesterday and i was planning on dying some of my clothes…

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the same man is the inspiration behind today’s daily…

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Best pilot month in forever! I’ve loved every single outfit so far!

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Been enjoying seeing what you do with this two piece outfit. Really like the dyed pieces, I love that kind of stuff. I already have everything needed and I am so tempted.

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Love, love, love!

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