Thursday, January 6th

Day 6

The Daily Topic

Today I recruited the fabulous Sam Pendleton to take my photo in our office. I’m meeting Sheena later on to borrow her camera for the rest of the month so I can shoot myself some mornings with a remote (the method she used last year).

The reason I’m mentioning these details is that we’re expanding the platform so you all can do your own Uniform Project. How freaking awesome would it be to click around and see worldwide LBDs + style for days?! I die.

So I’m wondering how many of your lovely faces we’ll see up there? What cause would you support? Ideas, rebuttals, suggestions, exclamations are desired!

Are you game? xx.wasabipear

***Today’s Outfit: LBD skirt worn zip front and top draped over shoulders. Silk shirt donated by eBay Green, previously worn by a vintage man who probably danced on Conga Lines. Shiny penny loafers from Salvation Army.



So office appropriate…yet without being cookie-cutter! Can’t wait to see the new platform…am I up for the challenge myself? Hmm, I’ll have to sleep on it :).

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Kate tagged this work appropriate and funktional!

I would love to do my own LBD project! My cause would be the Boston Terrier rescue (in my area) where I volunteer and foster abandoned Bostons.

I love this dress! I wake up excited to see what your daily creation will be.

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I would totally do my own UP! I love the idea of letting the masses join in and really starting a movement! Street style with a cause! Love it.

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Terri tagged this amazing!

U R Awesome! Love the vintage yet current look.

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How would that work long-term? Would it be financed by ads? Or would the “pilots” pay a fee to UP to use the platform? Or through dress sales?

P.S.: Love the wearability with a touches of unique!

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Rachael tagged this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVING the expanded platform idea! And this new LBD variation! Woo!

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noa tagged this penny loafers = made my day

i can’t wait for the do it yourself platform! when will you have it up and running? yay! i’m so excited.

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I’m game but what a committment in a busy life…can I make the time???

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summer tagged this thinkin’ big!

i purchased the classic UP LBD and i’m on day 6 of my own project. i’m challenging myself to wear the dress for 30 days as a form of self-growth & reflection. if i could share it with others who were interested, i’d love to! i’d raise money for my students with special needs…i’m a speech therapist.

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SarahO tagged this cute and chic as a button!

Have been dreaming of doing my own LBD since the first pilot! I would love to share my ideas. I would continue to source 98% of my clothing from the local charity shop ($2.50 for a shopping bag full!) for the project. I would like to support local anti-poverty and social justice groups in my town in Nova Scotia.

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birdie tagged this come one, come all

i think it’d be keen if a group of UPers did simultaneous projects to benefit a common cause. say, teachers, artists, baristas, red-hatters, homemakers…there’s potential to really broaden the types of people who are aware of and interested in the UP.

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Clare tagged this Fashion forward

I am loving this dress. I am waiting to make my original LBD in the summer (when I have time) but I am thinking this might be the one to purchase. Wow such different looks already

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I love how the pockets on the skirt mock the shoulders of the dress.

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wasabipear tagged this @summer

link?!? i’d love to give you a shout out 🙂

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