Wednesday, January 5th

Day 5

Edelweiss, edelweiss

Trouble in paradise! My camera doesn’t accept infrared remotes, go figure. And who came to my rescue at the crack of dawn but my close friend and the designer of this stunning dress. A couple things about her that I seriously love:

a. She’s cool as a cucumber, yet totally on point.
b. She always has your back. This girl let me stay with her twice, in Savannah and NYC… what else? She made me an amazing dress on the fly without question! Yes to all this.

So, I dedicate today to Sarah aka Edelweiss. Click through her latest collection, or if you’re local, her line just started hanging in the store Brooklyn Collective >

Rock on with your bad self. xx.wasabipear

***Today’s Outfit: LBD, this one’s 1″ longer, can you tell? Gorgeous dolman sleeve grey coat and cream shirt with little black buttons both by Edelweiss. Vintage red shoes with heels that click. Vintage felt equestrian hat. Large turquoise ring on loan.



Love it!! Thx for stopping by this morning, the pix turned out great!

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Talking my language girl! As a professional woman in her early 40’s that prides myself on my style but also on not kidding myself this length is spot on. It looks great! Big props to Sarah’s design (I’ve been a fan of Edelweiss for a while) and to your direction.

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wow! sarah’s designs are really stunning

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Terri tagged this love, love love it!

Ok, I have to agree with Darcey. I”m also a professional women though in her later 40s. While my figure could technically pull off the shorter style (I have Sheena’s dress), I can’t wear it in the work setting. Please release this dress immediately with the 1 inch edition!

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I love this outfit. I’m another professional woman in her 40’s. My legs aren’t so good as yours, but this is a great look!

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love that hat!!!!

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I love your style! It’s so simple and fun. Mad about the shoes. Edelweiss collection is beautiful!

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A lovely outfit, my dear. Of course, had Franz been there, he would gladly get up early to take your photos. He always takes care of his girls, schotzie!

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just to echo Darcey and Terri – I too fall just over that 40mark where too short is just… too short. I have the first LBD, but its just too short to wear on its own as a dress (particularly for long stick figures like me!). The extra inch makes this fantastic dress particularly wearable as a dress. @UP… are you listening? Perhaps an option for the future? And btw, love the shoes….

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Hump-day can be blah! You pulled off a simple, “I don’t care”!

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Loving your sleek, un-fussy style. And the hat and shoes are just stunning.

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Those shoes are amazing!!!!! This outfit is also cool as a cucumber.

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does anyone notice it is almost like the donations slow to near nothing at 1,700? even with Angie she raised 1,700 early on then it stopped completely before slowly reaching 2,200. come on guys, lets raise more money 🙂

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Greeeatt outfit!

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i like your cubs hat

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summer tagged this perfect pairings

this is one of my favorite UP looks of any pilot. the colors, styling & gorgeous shots made checking this site like opening up a happy little present today. thank you for introducing us to edelweiss!

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Such a cute look. The dress makes this vintage look step into 2011. I love it! Good Job!

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