Saturday, September 4th

Day 4


Today I’m going to the FYF (F*ck Yeah Fest). There are a bunch of awesome bands playing that I’m so excited for: Abe Vigoda, The Soft Pack, Ariel Pink, Ted Leo, and weirdly… 7 Seconds? (That’s a real old hardcore band). It’s gonna be hot and I’m not sure how I feel about this belt. What do you guys think? I love the belt but I’m not really a “thick-ass belt” kind of person. I feel like I might look a little too 80s today or something. The belt is from my closet, as is the mini dress I’m wearing underneath. Denim on denim people! The boots are from ebay.

I also want to apologize for my lack of professional pictures. Sometimes I have people around to take my photo but other times it’s just me against the mirror. I hope you don’t mind.

Also, is that a band aid on my neck? Why yes it is. (Weird zit situation).

Don’t forget to give to Phoenix House! XOXOX


Charlotte tagged this non-exisitant!

why is the picture the same as day 1?

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Lisa tagged this accident?

what happend?

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No Pic bohooo – on the topic of pics yours are fresh and zesty they tell a story – your story in this drss and beyond..keep going!!!

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Grrrrrrrrrr… No new pictures!

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new pics please

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another great look!

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The belt is fabulous as are the boots. I love this look and also enjoy the photos!

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F*** Yeah, the belt works! Have fun!

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knew the photos would arrive here sooner or later. thumbs up for the little peek of blue skirt.

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Now that is hot!!!! great legs! Where from?

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This outfit rocks!

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ariel pink. jealousy. outfit. jealousy. fact.

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LOVEthose boots!! And I’m usually not an *animal-print* kinda person, but I think this belt looks great with your outfit 🙂

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You really have a knack for creating different looks.

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