Wednesday, December 29th

Day 29

more beautiful

hi everyone. i got tickets to go back to NY for 5 days as i will play the violin in the show there in jan. so excited to be back there! i learned classical violin when i was 6-17 years old. but i didn’t like it for whole time, and after i quit it, i hadn’t touched it for years. now i play the violin again. i actually don’t play classical music now, it’s more experimental, noise and improv. i think i found the way to use it finally and also think i can play it ‘more beautifully’ than before even though i am not a ‘good violinist’.

the clear difference between them is just my enthusiasm. i wasn’t enthusiastic when i was learning it, but i like it now because i found the way of my expression with violin. but i also know why i could get the way was that i kept learning it for long. it wasn’t fun but wasn’t useless either! glad that i didn’t give up for some reason. simply having fun is really important for everything, but also we realize that we can enjoy more after training so hard. no matter what you do, i’d just love to support people who are enthusiastic for something. yes Songs For Kids and i believe supporting them would mean to support all who are doing best as well.

i heard it’s snowing so much in ny. it is snowing a lot here too! omg it made me feel everything was too beautiful for my outfit today. but this morning i stopped by the oldest building in idaho called old mission and found the pretty color building next to it matching with my outfit 🙂 hope you like it too. ok guys happy dec 29 xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, light blue drawn sweat shirt by akigoto, red stockings, black shoes

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It’s heart/head warming reading your little text and seeing the pictures, because you are not trying too hard, you seem very likable and unstressed, so please go on.

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Picture 4 is cracking me up! scooping up the shoveler in the background…and winking! hehe. I just love the photos this month – I feel like I’m looking in a very cool magazine every day 🙂

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You are a very cool girl!

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Loving pic 4 as well as the use of the LBD today! keep smiling Aki!

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This has been my favourite pilot ever. I look forward to reading your philosophies every day Aki and of course seeing your fabulous clothes. So sad its coming to an end but glad it happened in the first place.

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love the look of the sweatshirt collar in picture 5, have loved your handmade aesthetic all month!

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mm tagged this serene oh DIP i deedoo

so cool.

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