Friday, January 28th

Day 28

$10 for 10K

It’s the last Fab Friday of the month and I feel particularly luminous today as I get to see one of my very favorite people tonight, Super Sonia! She is the designer of Snoozer Loser (you know that cool quarter holder necklace I’ve been wearing) and more than that my partner in crime, fake band mate, giggle buddy, I could go on and on.

The other good news is that my fabulosity-5000 dress has been release. I highly suggest it, I can guarantee that I’ll be wearing it together or in pieces for years to come. Love.

Last, but not least I have 3 more days with ya, and my 10K goal is in sight! Especially since I have this donation match going down, so as I said the other day, my rally cry for through money is $10 for 10K! By my calculations we only need 56 people to get there.

Rawr. xx.wasabipear

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ok, I am in for $10.
I love how you have been wearing your top upside down etc.

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ordered my dress and opted in for the donation, can’t wait for the dress to arrive!

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I am loving this one SO much! Great touch with the red hair bow/wrap. You look like a lovely doll-lady:)

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scary. tagged this perfection.

i’m so (unfairly) hungover i can barely breathe -ya know the way it is– but i have to comment cos that outfit is too fabulous not to. amaze loveens.

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Amselle tagged this Lovely and daring

Wow! What a daring way of wearing stockings! Brave and very sexy. I love your scarf! (Where and how did you find it?) And the headband gives it the spark of colour. Will be missing your inspiring looks after the 31st. Please do it again! 😉

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Looking deliciously naughty.

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The Classic LBD is helping me to survive a year without shopping or accumulating new stuff and still looking different everyday! Thanks!

Digging your outfit Jess. You’ve really hustled this month. Great effort and a great sense of style – what’s more to want!

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Ok, now you only need 54 more people. Great month!

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now we’re at 47! o:)

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Ashe tagged this Steamin’ hot

Wow! You go girl!

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Gigi Oldenburg

Loved all the outfits and comments. Iwould like to donate $10 but can’t seem to figure out how after I click on donate. How?

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wasabipear tagged this @Gigi Oldenburg

After you click donate, click the black box that says “Help Jess Build a School” then you’d be taken to the paypal page 🙂 appreciate ya!

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My favorite this month!

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wasabipear tagged this @Ragnhild

Just saw you here lady, means so much that you’ve been following, love to you both ^.^

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