Saturday, January 29th

Day 29

Tay Time

I accidentally on purpose forgot a bag with one of my dresses in the city last night which gave me an excuse to have Sonia come over to BK for brunch and to return the package. I sort of kidnapped her and we had a delightful day trotting around Williamsburg.

Sonia is living in Shang Hai at the mo and researching sustainable production options in China. In fact, she wrote about her findings thus far for Burdastyle, Exploring Sustainable Manufacturing in China with Snoozer Loser >

Tonight I’m off to a artsy soirée, do I look the part? xx.wasabipear

***Today’s outfit: LBD skirt worn proper, top worn as cape. Vintage striped shirt tied in a knot. Honey Bunny tie by my favorite Hartefactos. Beret knit by yours truly. Boots for voguing, again.



Perfect! Simply Perfect!

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again, another outfit right out of my closet!

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A good case of the stripes. Building up to a fine climax!

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noa tagged this c’mon, people!

yes you totally look the part! oh my god, the 10k goal is in sight! donate! donate! donate! donate!

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i was trotting around williamsburg too! i would’ve loved a UP run-in!

great boots for the slushy streets!

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