Monday, February 28th

Day 28

Buenos Nachos

Holy Mole, here we are! It’s been a challenging month but I’m very grateful to the U.P. for pushing me to help my community despite the raw timing of work and life. Thanks to everyone who donated to City Harvest and for the clothing I paired with my LBD. Everyones’ comments and encouragement were crucial, thanks. A big Internet hug to my mom for daily support and spreading the good word of the U.P. Thanks to you great peeps who came out to our fundraiser and helped raise $150! (which will be reflected in final totals in a few days.) And finally, thanks to Mackswell, my business partner and best friend who pushed me to do the best job I could no matter what. Here is his last contribution:

“I was really impressed by Sarah’s resolve this month! This was finals month for us at RHLS and yet Sarah continued to come up with creative ways to raise awareness and funds to help solve the hunger problem in New York City. I gotta say I’m proud of her for how comfortable she became in front of the camera! We’ve been huge fans of the U.P. so it was a major honor to co-create Sarahs LBD.. I’m proud to be the first man to gracen the U.P. with my LBD. The ‘D’ stands for Dashiki… Daps to a new era of U.P!… and a salute to a new generation social change.”

Cape from Treehouse Brooklyn, shoes from ebay green team, mackswells necklace from Andy Lifschutz. See more of Mackswell’s LBD at the RHLS blog.



Sarah, it has been so much fun watching you this month. I will really miss your daily blogs. What a great job you have done. I couldn’t have been prouder of you. <3<3<3<3<3

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summer tagged this will miss lil snotty.

i’ve loved this month on the UP, so colorful! sarah, you seem very brave and authentic. your chosen charity & your LBD are so fabulous. will we be seeing mackswell for 30 days of LBDashiki? sounds fun to me. thanks for all your hard work!

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@ Mackswell, speaking of snuggies, you didn’t design Kathryn Bigelow’s outfit last night did you??? @ Sarah, thanks for the unfailing energy of it all

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Farmer Beth tagged this Who’d’ve thought. . .

. . .a jumper cool look so bad*ss cool? More from Mackswell, please! Sarah, it’s been another excellent month on UP because of you. Great style, boundless energy, whimsy and mischief, and a cause with great heart. Keep it up. I’ll miss you here.

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treehouse brooklyn tagged this freaking ammmmmazing!!!!

dude, you guys rule so hard!!!!!! and so glad that cape got to star in your stellar performance! mad kudos!!!
kisses from the branches,
and reaching for the stars,
sirius treehouse

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love your style and the whole visual phantasmagoria that greeted us each day. can’t decide which day was my favourite. will miss the daily injection of fun and colour – good luck with rhls

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I’m late, so sorry! Work was too busy and I got off late. Thanks for this month. You did a great job!

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scary. tagged this congrats!

your month was beyond class. love it love it. want a dashiki. major.

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canadiangirl tagged this his’n’hers sneeds?

fun, fresh, fantastic! Thanks for everything this month – great job!

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