Sunday, February 27th

Day 27

Final Countdown

February is almost over, and I’ll have to admit it feels like I’ve been wearing this dress for a lot longer than one month! I have so much respect for Sheena and the other U.P. Pilots, dedicating time everyday to raise money to help others. Before I move on to new projects I’d like to thank Drew for giving me a rad, versatile haircut that started off looking so sharp and continued to grow out nicely the entire month. Having my haircut by her was such a treat, she was able to turn my vague ideas into an inspired cut. I’m thinking about indulging my secret phantasee and having her give me a perm once my hair grows a bit more. Also thanks to Lucas for helping me take photos the past few days.

Sweater Vest: This was my Grandfathers vest that Ive held onto through so many moves across the country Necklace: Salvaged from an abondoned belt factory before it was demolished Hat: Donated by EMBERvintage

Last 2 days! Have you donated?



WOW Sarah. I can’t believe you have keep that vest all these years. That is so special. Thanks. I am really going to miss you daily blogs. Hope you have a big push of donations these last two days.

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Hey Sarah! I haven’t been able to comment much, but wow you’ve been great! Your granfather has very good taste. Love that vest!

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Sarah–your outfits are so creative and diverse. I love the colors and geometric lines. Way to go! It has been great fun to follow your imaginative attire all month.

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summer tagged this rad necklace

i love how you go from loud primaries to neutrals with a hint of color. this month has been intriguing and fun!

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LR tagged this Grandpa chic

Another amazing vest! I have a hat and a tie that belonged to my Poppa. Love rockin the grandpa clothes! I think today’s outfit is my favourite of the month.

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