Monday, December 27th

Day 27

sweet memories

hi friends! i wear these pants having many patches. my sweet friend masami donated the cute pink pants and i was putting them on in front of the bonfire in my backyard in NY. then suddenly a big piece of burning wood came down onto my thighs from the fire place. the pants got burned and many tiny & big holes. it was right before i moved out there.

when i lived in NY, i used to have bonfire in the backyard a few times a week in all seasons. so always there were people. so many friends, or just a couple of close friends, or sometimes even only people i don’t know. and every morning i had coffee in the sun light and the different atmosphere than the night before. i have so many memories about NY with the backyard and fire there.

i feel that my memories and experiences make my life go ahead so they actually create my life and myself. so these pants remind me that and i appreciate my life now. last night i had a big bonfire with my sweet people here. it was my first fire in idaho and reminded me my NY experiences. these patches are matching with the trees bark and my LBD, aren’t they? i left some of the tiny holes on purpose then you can see black of the LBD inside through the holes. i like those natural shapes made by fire:)

do you have any garment having your important memories? hope it will be precious for you forever. happy december 27 to all xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, pink pants donated by masami and patched burned holes by akigoto

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Grace Coddington would be proud.

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You are a wod sprite, an elf, a magical being in an enchanted forest. Oh, I will miss December and Aki Goto.

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wow you are lucky you didn’t set yourself on fire! as ever, wonderful winter wonderland photos, thank you

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tree+dogs+pants – thanks to you I know what I will do tomorrow –>long walk with friends and dog+climbing a tree. Thank you, you are wonderful.

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As always I adore how you have transformed the blog!! Keep it up!!

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