Sunday, December 26th

Day 26

calm day

the other day, i went shopping for christmas presents and a snowboard. we got good stuff for cheap prices at a few different spots. we opened many presents next to the tree and had an amazing dinner that my boyfriend’s mother cooked yesterday. it’s been very sweet days. i remember, i had a crazy fun time in NY last christmas. from the middle of december till the new year, i had many parties with many friends every night. cooking, eating, drinking, laughing and everything. every christmas of mine is so different. i didn’t know i was going to have christmas time in idaho at last christmas. and i don’t know where i will be at for the next christmas. but i just wish it would be a very happy one just like every past christmas. and full of love. i appreciate that my parents gave me so much fun time in christmas time when i was little. love, fun, and dreams. so excited santa clause coming to my house and bringing presents. i tried to be a good girl before christmas otherwise he wouldn’t come to me. he brought many dreams every christmas. i still have the feeling of excitement in my heart. i appreciate now i am healthy and happy with such sweet people around. and i wish the kids at Songs For Kids many dreams at christmas forever. how was your christmas? wish you big happiness <3 happy december 26 xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, painted canvas & denim dress by akigoto, black shoes

japanese translation >


anonymous tagged this color queen

such a perfect palette!

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laura tagged this Beautiful!

I agree – you have such a wonderful eye for color. I love the color and design of your dress and your choice of a backdrop couldn’t be better. I would love to have an ensemble like this. Brava!

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Closet Pique tagged this Hourglossy

Great background and the second picture makes me smile. I really like the silhouette transformations this dress can undergo.

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Farmer Beth

I love those red things hanging from your hips. And the colors are stunning.

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