Friday, November 26th

Day 26

Black Friday, Black Dress

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all the American readers! Hope you’ve stuffed yourselves silly! We can’t talk about Thanksgiving though without thinking about how lucky we all are…hopefully this will translate to people thinking about how they can share the love! This weekend might be the perfect time to donate…why not bring up The Uniform Project to your Auntie Gertrude at dinner and liven things up a bit. I can hear it now “So you’re saying the girl is wearing the SAME DRESS every day?! That internet thingy makes people crazy, doesn’t it?!”

Today I’m wearing the dress in a new fabric! It’s a Tencel fabric, which means it has an AMAZING drape and a nice weightiness. I decided to do a bit of a compare and contrast so I’m wearing it draped roughly the same way I did on Day 11. I’m wearing it with a patterned wool blazer donated by the eBay Green Team, a grey tank, a pair of my favorite old jeans, black boots and a super cute tassle necklace I snagged from my studio mate Yana, who designs the line Supayana.



love this 1! the jeans are wicked cool! very casual but with a cool twist. Nice. 😉

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definitely a fan of this fabric over the first… in the short time you have left, let us know how easy it is to experiment styles with this fabric – perhaps its relative thickness will make it more difficult? different?

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I <3 how it drapes.

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I love Tencel, I recently got a pair of pants made from it and could not believe how great they felt. 🙂

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