Thursday, November 25th

Day 25

Late Night Sewing Extravaganza

Last night my 2 studio mates and I decided to stay at our studio all night and work as late as we could. Yana & I slept at the studio, while Marc (who lives across the street) went home…lucky guy! It’s holiday crunch time and the craft sales are starting next week, so we thought it would be a good idea to push ourselves a bit. We ended up lasting until around 3:30am….not bad! So excuse the slightly messy hair, sleeping on a giant pillow on the floor will do that!

A side effect of sleeping at my studio is that today I’m wearing a LOT of samples from my showroom….it was either that or wear the same clothes as yesterday…not really an option…so I apologize for the Norwegian Wood overdose! I’m wearing the dress with the deep V to the front, a cropped mesh top, a fringe belt, my Kimono cardigan and a necklace from my upcoming spring/summer 2011 collection.

I received another version of my dress this afternoon in a different fabric and will be debuting it tomorrow, stay tuned!


riley tagged this fiery

Lovely colours! Interested to see the dress in the new fabric, and what difference it will make.

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karenh1 tagged this absolutely fab colour

Enjoying the whole month; loved your creativity your colour sense and your style. You are inspiring us all to repurpose instead of spending. We all seem to have so much but we dont seem to appreciate how much we have until we see how little other have. Dont buy that new trinket ….donate and give others the opportunity to really live their lives.

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emmerelda tagged this Sleep-deprived beauty

YAY!!!!! STUDIO SLUMBER PARTY!!!!!! Anyways. I love the cardigan and the belt. Your collection is quite lovely.

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Awww, I love the occasional creative all-nighter! Also-great necklace and mesh shirt.

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A very stylish and comfortable-looking outfit! Love that belt! Happy Thanksgiving!

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that shirt is like cotton candy

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