Saturday, September 25th

Day 25

My Big Ass Earring

Look at this awesome earring! It’s like a necklace/earring. Cool, right? Courtesy of International Playground in Los Angeles. I’m feeling it. It’s 100 degrees in LA today. Just running around doing fun stuff like drinking iced coffee and going to Target. Have a good one. GIVE TO PHOENIX HOUSE! xoxox


MonicaS tagged this Hot

I love the earrings! but they look a bit scary. Do they hang easily into things?

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Demi tagged this Hot

Simple. Sexy. This is such a great dress.

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Jule tagged this Hot

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes! the earring is cool as well 🙂

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noa tagged this you are my earring hero

oh my god– if those earings aren’t woth a donation, i don’t know what is…

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Lyndranette tagged this Beautiful

Wow! That is so cool! Your look for today is very serene and sophisticated. I like it. Keep up the good work. Also good job with raising money for Phoenix House. Great cause!

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Love, love, love!

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BDM tagged this Brave

I love this outfit. It’s easy to do and only requires a couple of accessories. The accessories themselves are very simple (for the most part), and the outfit doesn’t take too much time to put together. It’s convenient without looking rushed and messy, and sexy without looking tacky or scanty.

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rehane tagged this Hot

i don’t what’ d you think about this UP experience, but I think it made you turn your style in a definitely more creative & classy way! love your bangles & heels!!!

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sabsy tagged this californication!

awesome, leslie! just one thing, and i’m sorry to be preachy here: please don’t support target! they are the biggest mutherf’ing supporters of anti gay rights:
Loving your fab outfits and keep it up!

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mm tagged this smashing the corps

yay for sabsy!! also look for the clip of the grandma cutting up her target card. on you tube somewhere. great stuff.
and great look lesley!!

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elle39 tagged this Cute

love your earings!!!

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Tara tagged this Hot

C’mon everyone, Leslie is working hard for a great cause! Lets try to get those donations up before the end of the month!!!

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emmerelda tagged this beautiful

simply amazing.

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your legs. oh my goodness.

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love those legs yammi!!

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It’s a very sexy. Onlooker from Moscow

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