Sunday, September 26th

Day 26

Another day in LA

I love it here and don’t wanna leave. It’s crazy hot again today so I’m gonna head over to Venice. Just a casual Sunday in Los Angeles. These crazy leggings are again from International Playground. I’m usually not a leggings girl but they were requested and I’m running out of style ideas. Thanks for checking me out today! Don’t forget to donate! Xox


Rebecca tagged this Hot

I like the leggings 🙂 they go well with the sunnies. This is a fun outfit

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Célèste tagged this Cute

Love the leggings!

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Danielle tagged this effin awesome

Fav so far!! Good work lesley

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Lyndranette tagged this Hot

wicked leggings! Great look for you! You look like a total rocker in that outfit. The classic converse are perfect with the leggings! My fave so far! Sad this is your last week 🙁 Rok on girl!

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Payal tagged this Hot

You look so comfy in the leggings, it’s like you’ve rocked leggings all you life! Hard to think you don’t like them. Great job! Enjoy L.A and your last 4 days

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Zoë tagged this Crazy hot

Ah Lesley… this is just the best! You look fab!

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natale tagged this Batty

Very LAX. Haven’t seen the dress worn open/ as an overcoat with the ties crossing over at the back rather than the front?

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mo tagged this Cute

LA foreverrr!

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Love this look!
@Natale, I don’t think the dress can be worn open… the description says that it has a ‘faux wrap look’ so I think it doesn’t open quite that way. I’m wondering how it goes on…

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giselle tagged this 80’s retro!

TOTALLY reminds me of SJP’s outfits in the movie, LA Story!! Totally appropriate, non? Anyone else loooove that movie?

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Charlotte tagged this Punky

You look so cool! For some reason the dress looks totally different!This month has definitly been interesting!I’ll miss you on the 1st of October!

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Ashe tagged this 80ies

I was waiting for a day with leggins. 😉 Also not my style and taste, but it fits together just fine. The dress goes with a lot. Please tell us about your planned fabric change. Did it happen? Is it still gonna happen? Or didn’t it work out?

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kp tagged this Brave

Cute! But brave- I’m in LA and I know how hot it is. It’s tough times to wear a black, denim dress and anything on your legs at all!

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noa tagged this i don’t usually like leggings either but…

punky and spunky and super duper crazy awesome.

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