Thursday, September 23rd

Day 23

Orange You Glad I Wore Orange Socks?

Okay, so I paired orange socks with orange shoes today. WHAT!?!?! I know, it’s pretty crazy. So crazy that it just might work? I like it. My feet look like sorbet. This old hat is falling apart but it still works. It’s probably the last time I’ll ever wear it though. Vintage from Daha on Orchard. I’m off to work now. Have a good day before TGIF and DONATE TO PHOENIX HOUSE! xox


Christina tagged this Cute

Yeah orange works – so much I just donated 😉 Great cause!

A long time ago

lepas tagged this sugarfoot!

Love the hat.

A long time ago

christine tagged this yes!

yes, it works! also, you are a hat person. hat people are good people. and i love the tattoos.

A long time ago

Payal tagged this Cool!

haha I love ‘Orange you’ jokes! They’re so lame, they’re cool. And I love hats.

A long time ago

kate tagged this Hot

and the first time, you lough – so beautiful!!!

A long time ago


Great look, great socks and sandals.

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i hate this

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questions ??? tagged this Hot

ORANGINA, sweet.

whats the story on the new fabric for your dress?????

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Cleoinwaiting tagged this Beautifulmind

love the hat on you and the playfulness,let it out!!!! it looks great! the future is Lesley!!!

A long time ago


Oh and I forgot to ad, you look absolutely much so I just donated.

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yes, i’m very glad you wore orange socks.

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bud tagged this Hot

hot legs!! love them

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Denis tagged this Batty

Oh!!! What’re socks!!!! )))

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