Sunday, January 23rd

Day 23

Laundry Day

Can you tell? I sure can. Alright I’m going to fess up, this is not my favorite look. I mean it works for laundry and cleaning. But when I left the pad today my roommate goes “You look like Lucille Ball.” Then my friend says “You remind me of Miss Hannigan from Annie.” So, that sums it up, I don’t look like myself.

Buuuut laundry is a MUST so that I can finish this month with a bang. I’m interested to hear what yall think of today. Because style is so subjective. And I think the most important thing is to be comfortable enough to own your style. If someone doesn’t like it, who cares?

Crushing grapes since 1983. xx.wasabipear

***Today’s outfit: LBD worn as apron and little jacket. Oversized stripy romper handed down from eBay Green. Chunky collar that I knit over Christmas break one year. Vintage Miss Hannigan heels.



Hi have yet to leave a “batty” rating. So today is batty,but sheesh, its a sunday, laundry day, and it’s F*&%ing cold out there. I still think you look great! Happy Sunday, enjoy the clean clothes.

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Farmer Beth tagged this Batty, in a Good Way

Love the bloomers and heels! Sure, it’s different than a lot of your other looks, but it’s got its own kind of pizzaz. You get to take on a slightly different persona for a day.

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Jessica tagged this homeless person

Looks like you put on whatever you could find.

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Payal tagged this Hmm!

Oooh that’s a tricky one. While the second pic makes it look quite hot, I’m not too sure it is! Whatever said and done, you rock – even today! Also – did you actually wear this outfit all day?

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I just love those shoes. Fabulous. I think the knit might go better with a different outfit, but you have to keep your head warm when there’s snow on the ground 🙂 I like your head scarf. Thinking about my own wardrobe, I have no idea how I’d come up with a month of such varied outfits!

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noa tagged this unexpected, but…

actually kind of amazing 🙂 the heels look waaay better on you than ms. hannigan! p.s. i wore my dyed shirt the other day and it looked great! thank you for the inspiration (day 8)!!

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i just love the versatility of the dress. It’s so freaking awesome.
Yes, it’s on the wierd side, but it’s still awesome. cause the dress is awesome.

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Well, I know you don’t love this one but I think it turned out awesome. I just love the bloomers and the shoes with the great back ground!

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Farmer Beth Again tagged this Rockin’ Suffragette

That’s the persona I was trying to think of earlier.

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i like the miss hannigan shoes! the bloomers are pretty cute too. this LBD is super versatile. the great design + your talent make transforming look so easy!

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Wahnsinnig! (Better go to Google Translate.) Franzipoo

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Well, to look like Lucille Ball is not bad, Miss Hannigan on the other hand… But I don’t really think your outfit today looks like these two. I have to say, I’m no fan of rompers though I like bloomers. With theses I don’t like the colours and the skirt pulled over it. It’s to slim and modern for the romper legs. However, I like the rest of the outfit, especially the collar and the headband. Adore the shoes!…

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Ashe tagged this Totally understanding

Anyway, I totally understand you. I often have these days where I wanna try some new clothes or combo and feel uncomfortable afterwards. But what were the beautiful fashion days without the not so weird ones? And please go on being brave with your outfits! You’re doing a great job!

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not a huge fan of today look, but love the floral scarf in your hair & the shoes. Didn’t turn that bad, overall. And, oh, i hadn’t noticed your nose piercing yet!

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It would be kinda cute if you weren’t wearing a giant sock over your head.

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love the heels!

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