Saturday, January 22nd

Day 22

Maybe Later...

Well I skipped last night and had a majorly productive day, so… why not play for a bit? After all, you only live (in NYC) once. The funny thing about an outfit, is that although it can really set the tone, I find that the nights I’m glammed out to the max aren’t always the ones that I get compliments on my attire. Usually it’s when I go out after a long day, haven’t done my hair or makeup and am in like… cargo pants. (Ok, I don’t really wear those, but you catch my drift.)

Anyway, the reality is, I dress for me. So when I look fabulous, I feel fabulous and usually vice versa. Shout out to Kate Bush who inspired this look.

Rolling the ball to me ^.~ xx.wasabipear

***Today’s outfit: LBD worn skirt proper, top upside down as a zipper cape. Ultra glam 80s micro-mini with love from eBay Green. OMG shoes.


Ruby tagged this golden

You’re so great! This has been my favorite month! Maybe you’ll pull a Sheena and do a year? Do you find it difficult to wear this dress every day or do you love every minute of it?

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Melanie tagged this Stay Golden

Wow just wow. Love this outfit that top is tops!

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Ashe tagged this WOW

1 word: WOW

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cas tagged this love it!

this month has been my favorite as well. i want this dress so bad

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Ooooooooooooh!!!! I love Kate Bush too!

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VaVaVoom! You should have no problem realling them in looking like a such a Foxy Lady! Once again a little bit of color goes a long way baby.

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Farmer Beth tagged this Rollin’

Yup, just Golden. And thanks so much for getting Kate Bush back on my musical radar! Sorta forgot how much I liked her. Hi-lar-ious video!

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i really like this outfit!

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I love Kate Bush, and I love this outfit- so super extra cool points for you!

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wasabipear tagged this @Ruby

good question, i’ve been asking myself the same. i absolutely love wearing this dress, but honestly (which i always am) i don’t absolutely love taking my photo everyday. i love writing, i love reading the comments… it’s just this crazy narcissistic thing for me to go through photos of myself daily. but it’s all for the kids, that’s what it boils down to.

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this outfit is suspended in gaffa!

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wasabipear tagged this @keith

i’ll suspend you in gaffa! :p

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cute, all of it!

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Loooove the outfit! (Most of all love the mini!) And I totally feel the same about your “feel as you dress” experience!

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ROOOARRRR! you are sizzling hot girl. That’s a killer outfit. I hope your evening was as smoking hot as you were.

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