Thursday, December 23rd

Day 23

waterproofed <3

Hi friends, today I’m snowboarding with my LBD! I sprayed it to waterproof. Love it:) so I have to go now, and thanks for your sweet comments always. They are so touching my heart. Ok see you tomorrow, Hope you have a lovely dec 23 <3 Xa

Today’s outfit: my LBD waterproofed, skiwear borrowed by Lise, orange hat, vintage snow boots

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Interesting, I really like that you waterproofed it and wore it OVER your clothes, very innovative 🙂

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I love the energy and vibrance in these shots! Awesome! Aki, you have been very inspiring. Your positive energy (and uber-coolness) permeates through the internet! Love it! And ditto to all the love on yesterday’s post. Have a great day snowboarding!

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Love the fun you’ve had with these shots today! Enjoy the snow!

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So this is totally in its own category of Coolness. Wow.

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Mystery Mountain Fan

OK, you overdid it this time Aki Goto. You have upstaged my mountain paradise!

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At last !!!! – we can see some teeth !! – almost a smile – maybe will see a smile before the end of the month. Sorry, but ‘poses’ every day – doesn’t look like you’re having too much fun !

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lucky you!

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really fantastic pictures! (the colors!)

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What fun!

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Fresh! I love that you’ve worn the dress differently these last two days – very inspirational!

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