Friday, December 24th

Day 24

christmas tree

hello today’s LBD is a different material, organic cotton and organic wool. the fabric is very firm so the shape is stable but the texture is very soft i think it’s because organic. i was imagining “kimono” when i designed it, so this is closer to it than the other one. the point of what i like about my LBD is this shape with straight lines. so you can wrap it around your body and it will make an original shape adjusting to your body. it doesn’t have 3 dimensional shape so you can also wear as a cape and wrap-around skirt. in those ways, it still has two holes which are arm holes but i like it too 🙂 and.. it can be a christmas tree as well! i made these faces which were needle-felted. i made them for nothing in the summer time so that is why they don’t really feel like christmas.. but don’t they work? 🙂 and i also put these sparkly colored glass which don’t really have any way to be used. i got them from my artist friend, yuki kimura. she gave them to me just because they were pretty even though they are not useful. she thought i would be so happy to get them. i love that she just gave them to me with the reason ‘”just because pretty”. pretty is a big reason for the present<3 i had kept them for years since then but i finally used them in a best way! merry christmas. i hope the kids and people at Songs For Kids will get many presents and happiness. and merry merry christmas to you all too

today’s outfit: my LBD, sparkly colored glass given by yuki kimura, needle felted faces by akigoto, vintage boots

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happy christmas aki!! x

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love the faces, they add a Christmasy feel and the dress is also very cool & versatile
have a great christmas!

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i think you created a LBD that is as versatile as Sheena’s was. i’ve really enjoyed seeing what you come up with; each pilot has such individual style that there doesn’t seem to be a template. hope your white christmas is a happy one

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Very cute!

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scary. tagged this bedazzled.

i love it!!!

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Best outfit ever!

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