Wednesday, December 22nd

Day 22

with my neckless

hi recently i found my turquoise necklace i couldn’t find! it knows inside of my heart 🙂 so i want to talk about inside my heart today. i’m enjoying this project because it’s really new for me. my usual job is expressing myself to the world but not this way. for me, one of the biggest points to being a ‘pilot’ is being honest in my words- honest means truly honest. honesty is really important for an artist too but i don’t usually use words to express for my artwork. even if i do, i don’t say directly like i’ve done here because i can be more expressive with my way. but the UP is different. i was given basic limits: with LBD, blog, and the cause. these limits interest me, so i just decided to be honest in my words which would be the best way for this condition. and as usual i didn’t care to be stylish. if i wanted to be stylish, i wouldn’t have done the UP. to me it is more about reality. that’s the most attractive point of the UP even though it’s a fashion thing. it’s not stylish, but it’s cool to me because of the connection with real people. real kids. i accept some people don’t like my way, i mean..sorry! but i had my own reason to work on this project. so i started doing in my way without cheating myself. and i truly appreciate about all the comments too, learning many things and realizing myself more and even some are very impressing me. sweet! hoping dec 22 will be a happy one to all xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, red shirt donated by eBay Green Team, purple leggings, black shoes

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scary. tagged this heartbreaker…

very fox hunting chic loveens… 😉 not that i’m into killing babba foxes for the sake of it, but ya gotta admit those fiends got the attire down!

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Farmer Beth tagged this Beauty and Honesty

Your work has such integrity, Aki. What I like about the UP is how the ideas of sustainable fashion are woven into the artistic expression of the individual pilots and the specific causes. I like the fact that you each take the “rules” of the project and make the work your own. And your month has been absolutely masterful. I cannot understand how someone could fail to perceive the fashion art you are creating daily.

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Yvette tagged this Beautiful

I love reading your comments each day Aki. They are a breath of fresh air to me, your honesty and introspection, and I love how you are fearless in baring your soul and also fearless in your ideas. I will miss you when your month is over.

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Colleen tagged this Enchanting

Your month has been beautiful-I really feel like you have opened your heart to us and it makes it all so much better. I am enchanted each day by what you choose and the stories you tell with the photos-just lovely!

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Aki I like that you are true to yourself, not everyone might like it but that’s what makes us all unique, right?? How boring would the world be if we all liked the same things??? I love the splash of red today!

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miimii tagged this Amazing

Your work is truly inspiring and really fashionable. I enjoy coming here and seeing the new outfits and creations you have come up with.
Keep up the Amazing work. 🙂 also your pictures are amazing especially the backgrounds

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md tagged this Spot on.

I have been watching the UP since the beginning, and I agree that you provide a perspective and an approach that none of the other pilots have to date.. and I mean that only in a good way. You are insightful about the world, and incisive when it comes to fashion, clothing and how we can relate through it to the world. Thank you for being a part of it.

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Unique way to wear the UP today, and I LOVE the red shirt! What’s it made of?

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Mystery Mountain Fan tagged this Tough competition

Wow this is a tough shot. Aki Goto you are amazing!

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are you wearing the dress as a skirt? i sometimes wish you would explain the ways you’re wearing the dress.

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topo3 tagged this Talented & Inspiring

I agree with the other posts. Aki you are beautiful – inside and out.

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you be you, that’s all you have to do. no apology necessary aki chan!

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anonymous tagged this timeless

What an amazing shot! Directly out of a vintage Vogue magazine! I love your integrity, ad the way you made the UP yours. If every pilot did exactly as Sheena did, there would be no point of having new pilots at all. Aren’t we all here to explore?

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bloomingdame tagged this Boffff….


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uh, not sure how this can be seen as boring, but each to their own! love the snow photos; it’s hot here in sydney… morning ocean swim to celebrate christmas… and best wishes to all following UP for the festive season

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