Monday, November 22nd

Day 22

Monday, Monday

Today started with one of those mornings where it just seems impossible to get out of bed. Part of this is probably because it’s been getting colder…BUT the colder weather is a great excuse to pull out the wool plaid skirts that languish in my closet all summer. I have a few of these vintage skirts, this one is my favorite because it has…pockets! Skirts with pockets win every time. I layered the skirt over the dress with the V towards the front, which is layered over a white ruffled blouse I got at a clothing swap. Things were looking a little too sweet/cutesy, so I threw on my black combat boots and a modern wood/leather/acrylic necklace of my own design.

This is the LAST FULL WEEK so I hope we can raise as much money as possible for the children in Bagad. Free the Children are doing such amazing things, not just throwing charity at these communities, but really helping them build a solid foundation for their community, which of course starts with proper schooling. This is something we can do that will not only help the children now, but improve the community for years to come!




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Pocket skirt is definitely the best part! Cute look!

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Wow, I LOVE the deep V over the white! Stunning. Also, that necklace is really amazing.

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How big is your closet?

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I have a skirt almost JUST like that!!! So cute!

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Serena – it’s true, I have quite a lot of clothing! Over half of it is vintage, and much of it I’ve had for at least 4 years. When you keep almost everything (like I do) the collection grows!

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This is funny because it’s super-cute, but it reminds me of the uniform my sister used to wear when she worked at a Dutch cheese shop in Wisconsin in the 80s. The vintage wool plaid is awesome, of course. I completely agree that interesting fashion is better than “perfection.”

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this necklace is a total show-stopper. love it!

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emmerelda tagged this schoolmarm chic

I love fall colours… And that skirt fits the bill!

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One of my fave looks so far!

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You’re so super talented! Now many people can carry that look…and you’re nailing it!

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OMG! LUVIN THE PLAID! also look at all the $ u guys have raised! so amazing! keep up the good work!

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