Sunday, November 21st

Day 21

Sunday Projects

Today Tyson and I are working on some projects at home (him painting and I pattern drafting). We popped out for a quick lunch so I threw on some black jeans and a jersey dress then put on the U.P dress with the buttons undone except for one at the wait. I then gathered up the skirt portion and wrapped it around my waist as tightly and flat as possible and tied it at the back. This silk fabric is quite thin, similar to parachute fabric, so it really does flatten out quite nicely, it’s amazing how flat it can become! Since the back is cut so low I usually find it necessary to close an upper button while wearing it this way so it doesn’t fall off my shoulders, but today I used a wooden cameo brooch to hold it in place instead. I then threw on one of my favorite vintage blazer in an amazing floral, grey leather oxfords I picked up in NY last spring and my cozy knit hat…so handy while growing out bangs!

Thanks to everyone who helped us reach $1500! It’s really an accomplishment, but those amazing children need $8500 for their school to be built. We have a ways to go and not much time, so spread the word!

For those of you who recently got the LBD pattern, here are some instructions on Modifying Your Pattern >


Anneka tagged this Favourite

This is my actual favourite! Who knew. Keep up the good work – donation coming your way!

A long time ago


gorgeous. amazing how the uniform can wrap up so tight like this.

A long time ago

Ashe tagged this Wow

Wow, crazy, what you can do with that dress! Totally amazing!

A long time ago

Tess tagged this jacket envy

Want. That. Jacket. Following your ebay link to find something close to it!

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J tagged this Craziness!

Wow!! On first look, I totally thought you weren’t wearing the dress, and was confused as to the day off from wearing it, but by the third pic I realized that actually is the dress! I am totally blown away with this look and how you changed it up! Amazing

A long time ago

emmerelda tagged this You’re my favorite pilot ever

Gorgeous! I love the colours, and the mod aspect of it! The jacket is beutiful!!!!!

A long time ago


You are right-I cannot believe how flat it gets! Supercool. Really love that under-dress, great colors.

A long time ago


I like that you repurposed the dress until it almost disappeared, but when you look closely its actually crucial for hanging the outfit together – it isn’t hiding, its just transformed. Great stuff.

A long time ago


i simply adore this jacket…..

A long time ago


You look adorable. How clever. Love the color combinations and completed look. Very creative.
Quite amazing, really.

A long time ago


WOW – It’s amazing that you can’t even tell you’re wearing the same dress! I think you’ve made this one more versatile than any others!! Great creativity, as always! And I love the jersey dress under it, with the peek of a pattern.

A long time ago

Phoebe tagged this Amazingly Innovative!!!

It’s so amazing what you can come up with for this dress!!! I have enjoyed every single look, you are by far my favorite pilot! You NEVER disappoint! 🙂 Keep up the fantastic work!

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Love this look! 🙂

A long time ago


LOVIN’ it!! OKay – congrats on the 1500 mark – that’s amazing!! What else can we do to get to the 8500?!!! Can we accept donations at the Smart Mart Show to top it off after the fact?! I’d love to help u reach that goal – let’s do it!!

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