Tuesday, December 21st

Day 21

busy day <3

hi hi everyone! how are you? i am very good, just have been so busy with my stuff and have to leave now actually. today i am wearing this suit-dress which i made for my sweet sweet friends’ wedding this summer and having such sweet memories. i’ll enjoy my day with this special piece and my LBD as usual, but for the first time to fit both together. love it <3 hope you will have an awesome day too, and would you like to donate for Songs For Kids if you haven’t yet? 🙂 ok will see you tomorrow, thanks so much for all the comments always! love them all. happy december 21 to you guys xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, suit dress by akigoto, maroon stockings, black rain boots donated by ebay green

japanese translation >



Oh,mygod. didnt her face get pale from her face geting numb.She looks like she’s suffered an electric shock.

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oh my god :))) might be true mr. sweetie, kai <3

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lulu tagged this blah

More hazy photos, more unshapely layers of fabric over the LBD. Aki you seem cool but I’m just not feeling it this month.

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Aki,your photos are very cool and you have mad style. I think, people have a bit of trouble identifying though, because a lot of what you wear is so effortlessly cool yet not appropriate to wear in daily life for a lot of people (because of work environment or other societal constraints). Also, while you are gorgeous and thin and could probably wear a potato sack (oh no, I’m giving you ideas ;)) and still look stylish, not everyone has a body that is that easy to dress.

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@closetpeek. i don’t think it’s a size issue – a few of the pilot women have been very slim but they still dressed in a way that allowed people to identify with. you can tell by aki’s text, pictures and style that she lives in a world of her own and her clothes reflect this. none of them are to my taste, but that’s not what this pilot is about.

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Aki, I love your independent vision. the world is less boring with you in it, thank you for doing this month’s pilot!

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Laura tagged this awesome

Aki I love your style, and have found inspiration in many elements of your outfits. I especially like your patching and re-fashioning of old into new. I love your dog too 🙂

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i actually found angie a lot more difficult to identify with, and her outfits were much more complicated than aki’s. she has a strong effortless style, but its wearable. and actually would fit many figures. i think she is doing great. what she is wearing today is totally wearable to work etc.

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Amoniel tagged this Cozy

I love your style, you’re so unafraid to just be yourself and take inspiration as it comes!

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excellent reworking of your LBD again. i’m very impressed by your style

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Mystery Mountain Fan tagged this Tough competition

Wow this is a tough shot. Aki Goto you are amazing!

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renee tagged this lovely

this one is really beautiful. happy you are including the memories of your clothes.

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The Francunian tagged this Art shots

These set of photos is amazing! I love the atmospheric vibe and the clothes too! Nice work!

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