Sunday, August 22nd

Day 22

last day in iceland

drinking my sister and i’s favorite drink, koko mjolk, on the harbor. Little lola, aka sister, attempting to jump backwards into water makes for great accessorie, maybe not eco friendly considering over population and all that but really too cute to ask for refund… the spotted dress under the black one is vintage from Sputnik. My great grandmother nit me the scarf 🙂 as before the denim coat was found on the street and the shoes as you know are from a friend. Ate at the sweetest cafe in Rejkyavik too, Cafe Haiti, started by my icelandic grandfather and haitian grandmother after they moved back to Iceland not long before the recent tragedy of the earthquake. If you ever find yourself in Rejkyavik looking for good coffee, you now know where to go!


mm tagged this B.A.Y. B Sis

look how tiny your lil sis is! wow. sooooooo cute. the box of koko mjolk is almost as big as her. def best accessory yet. next question, is your granny upset that wyclef can’t run for president? (sarcasm)

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kaylee tagged this Cute

I love the natural smile you have in the first picture. The layering of the black then the black and white dresses looks really good.

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wasabipear tagged this Holy

authentically ripped tights (and other things) are the best.

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holly tagged this Cute

lovely post today, love the background story to your roots.

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christine tagged this family ties

she’s a very fashionable accessory as well! love your posts from iceland…can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the month!

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Payal tagged this Comfy!

You look so at home in this outfit. I personally love the stories each of your look says. It’s not just your style, but your life that you’re showing us! 9 days to go….can we touch 1K?? Yes we can!

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@Payal tagged this show me the $$$

Yes! Lets definitely get those donations past 1K, soon!
Love this look, and little sis is soooo cute. Can’t wait to see you back in NY!

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Claire tagged this Cute

Your little sister is SO CUTE! <3

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Farmer Beth tagged this Great

The dress looks like a black version of a good old-fashioned pinafore today. With the torn-up tights, you could be Alice on the other side of that looking glass. . . Safe travels back stateside.

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scary. tagged this babba cool.

too cute for words!! 🙂

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Jamie tagged this awesome!

Agree with the glowing comments! *LOVE* this look (great scarf), complete with adorable lil sis and fab smile! the story is wonderful too! 🙂

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Love this layered look. Scarves from family and friends are best.

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noa tagged this wish i could be eating @ café haiti

awww!!!!! sister is my favorite accesorie 🙂 i hope you had the funnest time in iceland!

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