Monday, August 23rd

Day 23

3 fo(u)r 2!!!

so, as you might already know, I own more than one copy of the dress, for the case of emergency and cleaning etc.. I then couldn’t help but edit a bit….. I have cut one of the dresses in half and I am very pleased. I suggest at the end of the month everyone buys two and cuts their second in half as well, here you can see I am wearing the top half, pictures in the bottom are on their way! I embroidered a face with no eyes on the back, and the front holds a dessert charm from a friend. I feel now as if I had conjoined twins, I loved them when they were born as a single body and love them still post operation. Speaking of loving your children, why not love other peoples children too.. and donate to the school! (under dress: vintage, shoes: hand me down)


emmy tagged this Cute

great outfit (and location). I’m just impressed by your embroidery!

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anonymous tagged this Batty

OMG YOU CUT THE DRESS!!!!! Are you gonna wear the other half as mini romper shorts??? That would be sooo cooool!

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Ashe tagged this Hot

I like it. And the 1st pic is, again, so modellike. Like your hair this way the best.
And again I have to congratulate you, on all those cool backgrounds you showed us, really nice.

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holly tagged this tops!

hilarious! perhaps you could have snaps to join the bottom to the top? It makes a very cute outfit

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cottonreel tagged this twintastic

Hahaha! What a treasure you are!
I so enjoy reading your posts, they are always insightful and imaginative and that embroidery rocks!

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mm tagged this bring it on.

yes! 1K done. 2k by tomorrow??

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Lyndranette tagged this Cute

love it! i love how you turned the dress into a vest so you can actually wear a different dress while still technically wearing the dress. it makes me think olsenboye. very vintage, yet fun and youthful. the jewelry is also a nice touch.

link to the olsenboye site –

my site –

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miimii tagged this Cute

very cute. i like the way you can wear this dress so many ways & just cut it in 1/2 and you get a whole new outfit.

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This is fab

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Frida tagged this Cute

Very creative ,beautiful and i love the embroidery!!

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elisabth tagged this ripped

like the tassle charm w. the red socks. I can’t believe you ripped that frock up! are you going to hem the top to keep it going more than one wash (i.e. to stop the fray?!). Still love those bat wings though, esp. w. the red tassle.

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Payal tagged this Oh no she didn’t!

hahahahahahahahaha I can’t believe you cut the dress! haha it’s awesome! I may have some oldies I’d like to tear. Maybe not a $200 dress though!

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Suzi tagged this Hot

Love it!!! re-purposing is so much fun. I can’t wait to see the bottoms!

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emmerelda tagged this Aaaawww…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! You tore the dress!!!

Oh, well. Guess there’s not much you can do about it now.

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Tara tagged this Cute

I love the embroidery and the charm, nice work! And @Holly, great idea to put snaps to connect the top to the bottom, good thinking!

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Célèste tagged this Cute

This is super cute. I hope cutting the second dress doesn’t count as cheating. :-S

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dixied tagged this Hot

i love the way you cut up the dress it looks cute with the grey dress underneath.

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noa tagged this half dress=full awesomeness

creativity is so cool, esp. in this outfit… dress just as beautiful in half and possibly even cooler than as a whole 🙂

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