Tuesday, September 21st

Day 21

Band T Shirt Day

I wanted to wear one of my new favorite band t shirts under the dress today. The Sundelles rule, if you ever hear of them playing you should go see. I also tried to take the pic from new angles in my apartment today. Sorry about the wet hair. I kinda like it though. I need a haircut asap! Later.


wasabipear tagged this rule no.1 of cool

don’t go to the show wearing the band t.

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Demi tagged this Hot

Love the thigh high socks. Love the short short skirt.

Question: Will a shirt fit over the top of the dress? I think that might look cute, too.

A long time ago

freya tagged this Hot

that’s your apartment? i thought it was a shoe shop! wear those yellow shoes tomorrow please!!!!!!! liking the socks today you pull them off well!! x

A long time ago

Tara tagged this Hot

I love the sock / heel combo, so hot! I wish I could pull off this look.

A long time ago

Christina tagged this Hot

Nice thigh highs! Like the new apt angles 🙂 Oh, and another vote for seeing those cute yellow shoes tomorrow (in pic 2)!

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holly tagged this Hot

yep, this one rates!

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emmerelda tagged this Cute

Nice creativity in teh picture-taking! I love #3.

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elle39 tagged this Cute

LOVE the socks!!!!! acually the i love the whole outfit… your doing a great job! keep it up!

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i wonder what the dress would look like with a skirt over it?

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Lyndranette tagged this Hot

Nice one! Look at u all cool rockin ur band tee and knee socks! Good job. I like the wet hair too. 🙂

lyndranette.blogspot.com – my blog pliz follow!

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Payal tagged this Like

You’re workin’ it! Now to get those numbers up.

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giselle tagged this Hot

Great look! HOT!

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Anneka tagged this Hot

wow I wish looked like that in socks. Another vote for the yellow shoes :p

A long time ago

Sarah from Australia tagged this fuckin awesome

Lesley; I have been following you on UP and have now started to read your blog and past articles with Vice – seriously; you crack me up and i think you are a literary genius.

Clearly writing is your forte!!! I love you just that litte bit more now.

A long time ago

Ashe tagged this Hot

Hot, hot, hot! Wish I had those legs of yours!

A long time ago

pushycat tagged this Hot

Hot hot hot with an attitude! I love you all over again!!! shexy shuits you leshley xoxo

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LizB tagged this Hot

I love this look on you – it really seems to fit your personality.

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sundelles–cool! not sure about the mirror photo though…

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percival tagged this Hot

wanna stick my sausage on you

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Denis tagged this the best looking

Do not move, am going, I will soon )))

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great party outfit

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