Monday, February 21st

Day 21

Power Color

To end this month strongly, I have been scheming up the ultimate fun-times theme party to benefit city harvest! Ok first the dress code is monochrome + accessories. Its like The U.P. with color, then you will join a team of like minded color affiliates, in a larger than life twister game. It will be like honey I shrunk the kids, meets contact dance meets Twister! The teams will have a play off between bands until we are down to the last team, then that team will battle it out to win an RHLS top. Featuring awesome Brooklyn bands Power Color, Hubble and Food Stamps. This Friday, 8pm at Moves 214 Franklin st, (Greenpoint) Brooklyn 11222. All ages, Open bar 8-9 with ID. Please come out if you are in the area and help me get closer to my fundraising goal! If you can’t make it to the party,  you can show your support and donate here >


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Love the jacket! (Please note that my comment for yesterday’s outfit should have been titled Sweetness WITHOUT Saccharine!) Twister sounds fun. Wish I lived in NYC.

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sounds like a blast. you look so cute today.

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The outfit and the quality of the photos are perfect together. For those that don’t know these are polariods and that is a vintage Gloria Estefan ’91 tour shirt. I wish you could see the tell tale white outline. Pretty outfit, pretty girl.

Oh, and the print on the back of the jacket is by a mutual friend Kathryn Cox!

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thanks Rebbecca! This outfit rules! forgot to mention how amazing the Rondo print on the back of the jean jacket is. more of her work can be found here:

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